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a phoenixdragon asked me;

What are your favorites fandoms to read fiction about?

When I first started reading fanfiction (ff) back in 2005, it was Harry Potter – not actually HP, but Oliver/Marcus, Oliver/Katie and Adrian/Terence.

I was snooping but making comments so someone told me to make an LJ account, so I could read and comment “in the open”, so I did.

A few years later, after I got sick, I moved on to J2 (Jared/Jensen) from Supernatural. I never read the Sam/Dean fics though, as incest irks me. With reading J2, Christian Kane/Steve Carlson came naturally for me, and I loved that too.

I read that for several years, .but it seemed to dry out and I went into the world of real M/M books.
(I was slow on that kind of books, so it was around 2009 at the ripe age of 40 before I started reading those books, as many of my LJ friends wrote that sort of books.)

I was still into ff, but different pairs now.

I had a brief encounter with Nick/Greg from CSI, then a tiny bit of Danno/McGarrett from Hawaii five-0.

I went on to Teen Wolf after that. It took a bit of time, as I needed to get into the TV show first.

But the past few years, when I have read ff between all the M/M kindle books and other Kindle books and Paper books, it has been Teen Wolf; specifically Derek/Stiles.

I think they are cute and adorable in the show and I even named my degus after them – even if Derek turned out to be the mummy with the degu babies ;)

I hope that will answer your question honey♥

Honwyjojames asked me;

What's your favourite holiday you've ever been on or place you've ever been to?

Second rather silly one because my mum asked me and I wasn't sure: how do I pronounce your mum's name in English? I've been saying it like "geet" - am I wrong?¨

I have been on two bus travels to England and Scotland with my parents.
It was the best holidays I´ve ever had.
The first one was England-Scotland-Wales and was 10 days. We moved along every day so we could see the most of the countries.
We visited some of the most amazing places in your country.

As for Wales, just for you, I was fascinated with the slag heaps that we saw as they reminded me and my parents of one of our favorite books “How Green was your Valley” by Richard Llewellyn.
In addition, the fascinating town of “Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch” I still not know how to pronounce it ;) We was there and I got a stamp in my passport.

The second vacation was England for 2 days and Scotland for 14 days.

It was the year before my Dad died. We had a wonderful vacation there too.

As for some of my favorite places to be I have to say Edinburgh, I have been to two Castle Tattoos, that are some of the most epic things that Mum, Dad and I have ever been too.
I also went to two book fairs with many different authors there; I have to see Ian Rankin that is one of my favorite authors.

Glencoe is also one of the most fascinating places we had ever been to. It was a place of such history and a place where we felt committed too.
It was the best holidays I´ve ever had...

As for your second question;
Not silly at all, pronouncing names can be tricky in a different language. If you can make it”giit-e” it will be right, but I think “geet” is a good choice.

First; Pictures from the Paul Potts concert Mum and I attended on Sunday 15th.

Ok – On Saturday21, I got a new Television. 40 inches and flat screen... Amazing.

The one I had was 20 years old and I could nog get any new channels on it – I had like 13 channels, paying for 40 or something.
The guy that came with the new one, had never seen a TV like mine before ;)
I also got a cash loan along with the TV, so I had some money for Christmas and
other stuff.
I am in debt until 2022, but well…

Monday, Mum and I went to the library with the yearly Christmas presents for the “children without Christmas”. We had two big black sacks with toys, books and dvd`s for them.
We came across a one-week shop that collected money for Africa, so Mum bought a handmade bag and me two necklaces made of paper. Therefore, that was a little help there too.

Tuesday Mum and I went to the annual Cancer Christmas Concert.
This year it was the Danish Trumpet Player, Per Nielsen. (We heard him 3 years ago)
It was amazing. (I know the pictures aren`t great, but they are mine)

Wednesday we did nothing ;)

Thursday 26th was Dads 71 birthday so Mum and I went to the cemetery with flowers and rosemary.

We walked through the cemetery and through the park to the bus station. On the way, I met a former choir member. It was so nice meeting her again. I haven`t been in the choir for 8 years and she remembered me.
It was so nice meeting her.

When I got home, there were a parcel waiting for me.
New clothes, for the first time in years and years. I´ve ordered it from a homepage that had big sizes and all of it fit me ♥

Friday 27 was Christmas Night in Aalborg.
Mum and I took Rebecca and Benedicte for all the Christmas joy.
SIS got the girls` Advent Presents from both Mum and me. The girls got some pocket money from both Mum and me, and they bought presents and sweets.
I bought some Christmas presents too, and Mum treated us all for burgers and fries in Burger King.
It was a great evening.

Yesterday, Saturday, The scouts had the yearly Christmas Market in the Church.
So again, Mum and I went to support them. We bought some presents and bought some “hearts” that earned us a gift for every heart. So helping there too…
In the afternoon, BRO arrived to get us out for coffee and dinner with SIL and the girls too. Mum and I brought the girls` Advents presents.
I spend my time divided between Sarah and Thea; talking to Sarah about love life and books and theatre, and with Thea watching a Monster High movie, where she could curl up in my lap and entwine our fingers and just getting my attention.

It was a nice time.

Today was the first Sunday in Advent: I went to Mums and we had presents for each other.
I got two Christmas gnomes that I had wished for. I gave Mum a blue cardigan and a necklace.
Then we had coffee and watched three episodes of SPN season 9...
A good day…


First, I´ve finally finished with the Christmas Cards and presents!
The last five got in the post today ;)
Let me know when you get them please...

Weekend before last, we had snow here ^^
It came lay there for a while and melted the next day – but we have had snow here in December.

The Church from my balcony

Church from my Balcony

My “Rose of Jericho” produced a tiny Christmas Santa, when it opened this year.
It is a fun plant.
Completely dry, brown all year, until I unpack it in December, and gives it a little water.
Within a few hours, it is open and green…

Gotten out for this year

Couple of hours later

Sarah has a song she would like you to listen to

This next one is her take of Johnlock (Sherlock fandom)
Please take time to hear her out, even if you are anot a fan..... just listen to her English, she is 14 years old and Danish

She will love for you to give feed back and coments, she values your opinions very very much,,

She has also gotten a “maybe-turns-into-boyfriend-someday” friend from school.
They have been to the movies, and at the Christmas Market, where he hold her hand on the Ferris wheel.
So sweet.

He is a Dr. Who fan, 10th Doctor. He is also a tea lover, so she wanted to give him a mug and a tea infuser. She would paint the mug, and I would make a Dr. tea infuser.

Therefore, I bought charms on the internet and made this for her:

Dr. Who tea infuser

The charms

I took two busses to her school yesterday to give it to her (as my brother, that drives past here every day for work, would not pick it up)
She is so pleased with it.

Yesterday I also found a piece of glass in my store bought pasta salad, when I bit into it...So not funny.
So not good...

Not easy to see in this picture, but it is there

I got a compensation, twice the salads price, and a heartfelt apology from the butcher, but it will probably be some time, before I buy any of the salads again though.

Tonight I have dinner with Mum, Crazy!Aunt and her boyfriend.
Mum asked last week if I would be there, as she was not up to face them alone.
C!A invited themselves over, for exchanging presents, but she wanted dinner too. Mum agreed, as she can push out of more socializing with them this year – and maybe a little into next year.
Mum is doing well, but not perfect and I am a good buffer and can cut down C!A if needed.

Last but not least;
Thank you so much for Christmas cards and presents from:

Angels_cordy, Aelia1980, Alena2b, Alethea293, Bflyw, Biggelois, Honeyjojames, Redcandle and Shanacie_quill.

Love you all ♥


My little Sarah - now 14 - is a Fandom Shipper!!!

For some time Sarah has been a Michael Jackson fan....got into a group and started writing Fanfiction...that was ok, I´ve seen her writing and it was innocent enough ;)

Then recently she started watching the new Sherlock Holmes series with Benedict Cumberbatch and became a big fan. I bought her the 3rd season on Amazon so could watch it.

Today she came alone for a couple of hours and we watched Monty Python and talked. She then admitted to me that she had found a Sherlock fan group.
With some fidging and stammering she told me that she is a Sherlock/Watson shipper!
She has been reading Sherlock/Watson fanfic and she liked it…though her parents were NOT to know…

To calm her down, I told her that I had read J2 fanfic for years and that some of you, my dear famous friends, started your careers in that fandom.
That calmed her.

She feel secure that she can talk to me about reading homoerotic fanfic without being judged as Auntie does the same…and that I have a bunch of wonderful friends here, that make a living writing beautiful books with that theme and that there is noting to feel bad about.

I am honoured and proud of my Sarah♥


But let’s start with Sarah’s birthday Friday 14th.
We held a surprise party for her on the afternoon and Mum, I, SIS, Rebecca and Benedicte, BRO, SIL and Thea were the ones surprising her.
She was so happy for all your Birthday Greetings and wanted me to thank you all so much...

Saturday I went and watched Sarah and Thea, as BRO and SIL were attending a birthday…they had to sleep over until Sunday afternoon, so I had that too.
We had a great time Saturday, eating chicken, French fries and rice, then watching the Childrens MGP on TV. Having candy and making plans for baking an on Sunday.
WE voted for our favourites, but someone else won. Then Thea went to bed in BRO and SILs bed, where I was to sleep too,
Sarah and I stayed up for another 45 minutes or so and went to bed.
Sleeping with Thea and two dogs were an experience ;)
Thea woke at 6.15...but I managed to keep her and the dogs – singing and dancing, moving around – until 7.10 and then I had to get up.
Made breakfast and COFFEE and woke Sarah, let the dogs out and ate….
Just when it was 9 and we talked about baking and BRO and SIL came home. Long story short, SIL had gotten drunk and as they went to bed at 4 in the night, she was really hung-over at 7, and demanded to get home.
She had all the rights to that, but it ruined our planes.
As soon as BRO and SIL got home, everything changed…. Sarah was yelled at, so she ended up crying most of the time I was there. Thea was confused, as she wanted to be with me and Sarah, but due to BRO was not able too.
WE managed to bake, and I spend my time walking between Sarah’s and Thea´s room, until BRO and Thea drove me home….Not a nice Sunday.

Then came Monday…Late morning Mum called being all shaken up. She had been taking Balder and Nanna their normal walk, and ran into a new resident that owns two fighting dogs, under the bridge right in front our windows. One of the dogs, just attacked Nanna, it bit into her face and just held her in the air. Mum panicked as she was afraid of Nannas eye but fortunately the fighting dog released Nanna, and she was fine. Though Mum was shaken up for the day.

Tuesday was “Knitting Club” and Mum and I had a Tupperware Party.
It went well, though I think Mum and I bought most of the things ;)
I´ve had been a proper mess since Saturday afternoon...

No way around but through…

I have to admit…I have two Facebook profiles…
The Pippin Sækker one that I keep for you, my friends, and another one in my name, for “family and friends.”
It is the last one this is all about….

FacebookCollapse )

Thursday the girls arrived for a sleep over, and they took our minds of SIS and her hypocrisy.

We had a Barbie Wedding with lovely pictures that I will post soon….


And it is my entire fault.

The past month I think has been so busy with RL and family problems that I haven’t been able to pay you all the attention you deserve….

Family first;

My sister has been acting up again. She talked Mum into come a look after the girls from the 19th to the 20th, as she had to leave for work at six on the 20th…Mum said yes as long as she got picked up and dropped of, and that she could bring the dogs…so Sis agreed….
Mum called Friday at midday. She had woken the girls and gotten them fed and off to school, that was the positive thing…
On Thursday SIS has flipped out and screamed at her three times, because the dogs had peed on the floor (it was easy to clean op with paper towels), so she had to keep the dogs on a leach all the time.
Then Mum had to sleep on an air mattress on the floor. Knowing she is 63 and had major stomach surgery (bowel cancer) a year ago, and has trouble getting up and down, I got sooo angry for that.
Mum was glad she could spend time with Rebecca and Benedicte, but told Sis that the next time she could take the girls out of school for a day and they could sleep over at Mums.

Crazy!Aunt has been acting out too…a couple of weeks ago, Mum and I went to visit her and her boyfriend, - he is amazing and picked us up and drove us home in the afternoon -.
It started out cosy enough, we sat in the garden and had coffee and later went shopping in the small village they live in.
When we came back, we had homemade burgers and talk and then she started…she had a breast cancer operation last year, with a tumour on 3mm…but as far as she knows, it is something to moan and bitch about to Mum every day. She wants the hospital to be there for her 24/7, and bully the hospital staff…..we tried to explain to her that she was fine when the doctor told her there was nothing wrong, but she doesn’t listen at all…..
My head was spinning when we got home….

Mum; she had an appointment for a scan at the hospital last Friday, but it went well and no tumours or anything showed up…so now she has three years before she has to come back. So she is well and great♥

Real Life:

October is coming up and that means Breast Cancer Month….

Lyserød Lørdag 01

That also means Pink Saturday, which is the 5th this year.
Last year was the first time we participated with a sales booth in the middle of Aalborg and we did well, so we decided last year, we wanted to participate this year too.

So we’ve spent the last year making all our jewellery, knitted and croquet things and a lot of other things.

Then when we came to sign on, we got a smack in the face. Turns out, this year you have to pay come to 135Euro for a booth!!!!!
That took the spirit out of us for a couple of weeks…
But Mum and I got an idea. We have two local grocery shops just across from the street from where Mum and I live.

So we went to the one where we know people and found the manager. We explained our situation and that the money would go the Cancer Foundation and what we would sell. And the lovely man told us, that we could have a place in the front of the store, where there are two tables, and is placed just where people are getting in and out.

So we have worked like mad to get our things ready, finding two “Build A Bear” toys for a lottery, making all kind of pink stuff and trying to get a few donations. (I haven’t heard anything from the two I´ve contacted, but I have faith)


So next week will be even busier, but great things will happen; I’ll have some lovely guests next week too.

On Wednesday my wonderful and lovely friend Kerstin burned_phoenix will come to Aalborg and make my life so much better, and she’ll stay until Sunday.
4oktober2012 01

As a bonus in my life, the amazing Sissi dreamers_dh will visit from Thursday to Friday.

So the next week will pretty much be like this:

Monday; Our Cathedral Budolfi, has “the Candle Light Evening” again this year, so there Mum and I will be at 7pm.

1oktober2012 02

Tuesday; Mostly cleaning and freaking about not being able to have guests;)

Wednesday; Kerstin YAYYY….loads of talking and maybe some “Boys With Their Shirts Off”

1oktober2012 01
Mum and Kerstin at Church last year

Thursday; Sissi YAYYY…probably go and see the Church across the street and Dinner at Mums.

Friday; Museum and Mall....and Sissi will leave us

Saturday; Pink Saturday,so Sarah will get here early, we will make a killer sale for “The Breast Cancer Foundation”, fun and dinner and more fun. Sarah will stay until Saturday.
lyserød lørdag 003

Sunday; Thea will arrive early to spend time with Kerstin, and at some point Kerstin will leave and we will send her off as best we can...

So….I will probably be absent the next week, but I promise to take notes and pictures so you will all get some nice posts about the perfect week that will come


This week is autumn vacation, and Sarah and Thea came by Thursday.

Pictures this wayCollapse )


More about that later;)
This post will be about the past week, my dreams/nightmares, family and pictures.
So be warned!

But starting last Saturday the 26th, Mum and I went to Thea´s birthday party.

Stories and pictures this wayCollapse )

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