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All right hon, here is the second chapter..Enjoy..
As always "no beta, no owe"

Chapter two

The next couple of months were murder on Oliver. He was so angry and outraged that he was almost unable to practice.
Living with Marcus drove him up the wall. They were fighting over everything. Marcus was messy, he dropped his clothes everywhere, he never cleaned anything and his quidditch bag were always in the way.
On two occasions Oliver even walked in on Marcus at the showers. The first time he caught Marcus in the showers, water splashing everywhere. Oliver gasped at the sight of the very naked Marcus, but Marcus just turned his head and smiled as Oliver slammed the door.
The second time Oliver needed to use the toilet and walked in just as Marcus pulled his towel from his hips to dry his hair. Oliver gasped and just starred at Marcus; he was SO huge all over. Oliver turned his back and left the flat. When he came home, Marcus was asleep.

The only credit Oliver would give Marcus was his cooking.
Oliver was a very bad cook and Marcus was great, but Oliver was not about to tell him.
At practice things were even worse. Oliver felt that Marcus did his best to humiliate him, throwing quaffle after quaffle right at him.
The other team players started to look at them in a odd way, but Oliver did not notice it. One day Oliver snapped. He threw the quaffle right at Marcus and went straight home without finishing the practise. When Marcus came home Oliver had changed the lock in the door, and Marcus had to blast the door open with his wand.
They did not speak to each other for four days.

One day, when Marcus had been in the flat for three months, Oliver asked a question. It was odd, as they hardly ever talked at home. They only fought.
“Fred, Angelina and their kids are coming for dinner tomorrow” Oliver said looking at Marcus, “Are you going to be here?”
“How many kids?” Marcus asked.
“What are they - rabbits;” Marcus answered rolling his eyes, “ I guess that Fred is the terrible Weasley twin, and Angelina is that HOT chaser of yours?”
Oliver scowled, he did not need Marcus to pester his friends.
“Yes,” Oliver said trying to keep his voice calm, “Fred Weasley married Angelina Johnson just after school, and they got five daughters.”
“They are beautiful girls,” he continued, “and I am their uncle….”
Marcus just looked at him.
“..and, by the way”, Oliver went on, “ Angelina is seven months pregnant, so I don`t want you to upset her!!”
“But you would know that” he continued, “You got her place at the team!!.”
Marcus starred at him; “I’ve got this position from a transfer”, he said, “not because your “girlfriend” got herself pregnant.”
Oliver said nothing, he had never asked why Marcus got transferred.
“But to answer your question, I’ll be here,” Marcus said, “and I’ll be cooking!!”
Oliver scowled; “ I’ll just go shopping then.”

The next day Oliver was pleased that Marcus was cooking; it just smelled so lovely.
When Angelina, Sarah, Kate, Keira, Clare and Poppy entered the flat, Oliver felt a need to introduce Marcus.
“Welcome” he said brightly, kissing Angelina, and hugging and kissing all his nieces.
“Fred had to work” Angelina said, “so you will have to put up with us.”
Oliver smiled and introduced Marcus.
“This is Marcus Flint” he told her, “he got transferred here instead of you, Ang.”
Angelina looked exited, and the children just looked at Marcus.
“Hi,” he said, looking at the girls, ” My name is Marcus, and I went to school with your mother, father and uncle.”
The girls smiled at him.
Then Marcus turned his attention to Angelina.
“Nice to see you, Angelina”, he said, with a smile, “I am really sorry for all the grief I put you through at Hogwarts.”
Oliver saw Angelina blush, then she said: “Nice to see you again, Flint.”
“My name is Marcus, “ he said smiling at her, and Oliver felt suddenly jealous.
Marcus looked at Angelina, looked at her stomach.
“You look VERY beautiful” he told her, kissing her hand, “ Being pregnant really suits you.”
Oliver saw Angelina blush even more, and he felt awkward. Marcus was flirting with Angelina, and he was feeling jealous..
Oliver kept an eye on Marcus all through dinner, and tried to listen to the girls chatter at the same time.
They were talking about quidditch, Oliver used to be the very proud uncle on that subject, but today he did not listen to them. He looked at Marcus, and how easy it was for him to talk to Angie. She on the other hand behaved like a teenager Oliver thought, laughing and blushing whenever Marcus paid her a compliment.
Oliver felt more and more angry towards them, but tried not to show it in front of the girls.
When Angie and girls left, all the girls hugged Marcus, just as they hugged Oliver.
“Bye, bye uncle Marcus” two-year old Poppy said and waved at him.
Marcus looked slightly surprised, but picked her up and kissed her.
“Bye sweetie,” he said, “I hope I’ll see you soon.”
Marcus closed the door and looked at Oliver. “I never thought I would say this about Gryffindors,” he said smiling, “but Ang and the kids are great.”
Oliver just starred at him, then said; “ You are lucky Fred was not here, he would have killed you for flirting with his wife.”
“Flirting” Marcus said sounding surprised, “I wasn’t flirting with her, but you should know that girls - even if they are married and pregnant - likes compliments.”
Oliver looked outraged but said nothing and went into the kitchen. Marcus followed.
“What is wrong with you?” Marcus asked in a angry voice, “ You told me to behave around your friends and I did!!”
“I SAW YOU FLIRTING WITH ANGIE” Oliver yelled. He starred at Marcus and felt suddenly surprised. He was jealous at ANG because Marcus flirted with her!!
Marcus grabbed Oliver by the shoulders and slammed him against the wall. Oliver winced, as his head made contact with the wall.
“WHAT,” Oliver said felling suddenly shy about the situation. He could feel Marcus` hard body against his own, seeing Marcus` dark eyes starring into his own with a pleading look.
“What are you talk….”
Marcus interrupted Oliver before he finished the sentence, put his hands on either side of Oliver’s head and captured his lips in a heated kiss.


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Dec. 7th, 2006 11:04 pm (UTC)
That's my boys, making out like they should be hehehe! You rock hon!

*kicks your story into high gear*
Dec. 8th, 2006 07:07 am (UTC)
Hmmm, let`s see what else I can make them do then..
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