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Answers to all your questions;)

Here I will post the answers to your questions.

angieobsessed asked me this:
What job I learnt and some random things from my childhood..

I work as a care helper. I work with elderly people who suffers from Dementia and Paralysises.
I am very proud of my job and I am really good at it. I am a very patient and caring person and I really care about the people that are weaker and need help.
Since I got sick I have been fired but they need care helpers in my town so I am sure to get work when I get well again.

My first education was as a bookseller. It took two years and I loved it very much. I have always loved books and at one point I wanted to be librarian, but I ended up I the most wonderful bookshop I Aalborg.
Everything was old and dusty and you had a very personal relationship with the customers.

From my childhood:

My very first word was ”Beef bourguignon”, my mum taught me that before she taught me to say mum and dad, she was only 19 when she had me, maybe that is why;)

I was very close to my grandfather, my mothers father. He suffered from cancer all my life and died when I was 14 years old.
He was a chef and he taught me everything about cooking, ever since I was really young.

I was a geek at school;) I loved Danish, English and history.

I loved all of my grandparents and we spend a lot of holidays together when I was a kid. I still have my grandmother, my dads mum, and she means everything to me.

kes1807 asked

Something random from a Christmas or a birthday or something special.

When I was two years old I saw Santa Clause at Christmas eve ….. I ruined everything when I whispered to my mum, I knew that Santa Clause was my granddad (mums dad) cause I recognised his boots.

My 10 years birthday was celebrated at my grandparents (my dads parents) I remember everybody teasing me, and then my granddad said: I må ikke drille Annette for hun er en sød pige” (Don`t tease Annette, because she is a sweet girl”.)
I still remember that ”sweet girl”, it have followed me through life. That is what I am, a sweet girl…

Something special:
I collect teddy bears and I have some pretty old and valuable ones. I have two in my bed and my special ”AnnetteBear" that follows my to the hospital.

babydracky asked

Something you regret you have done?

This may seem a little mean, but seeing how my sister have turned on me and on my parents for supporting me, I regret all the times I helped her in the years before.
My sister is a real drama queen and she always put up a show about everything that happened to her…if things was not interesting enough she just lied and invented things to have happened.
I spend a lot of time counselling her and her husband through all their “crises”, and often I had to take some vacation from work to stay with her when she had a “breakdown”. Nothing really happened to her, she just wanted the attention. Then when she got her kids and her house and her car she didn’t need me anymore!!!
So I regret helping her trough everything because now I feel she didn’t deserve my help - or my parents too - because she would never do anything to help us.



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May. 17th, 2008 07:22 pm (UTC)
What lovely memories, you very observant to notice his boots.

I agree you are a very sweet girl.

You have to love teddy bears, and your "Annette Bear" is lovely.

I laughed when I read your first words. That's sad about your Grandad, I was very close to my Grandad (Mum's Dad) he was ill all of my life, and died when I was nearly 12 years old.

Thank you for sharing this hon!

*big hugs*
May. 17th, 2008 07:34 pm (UTC)
Thanks hon,
I am glad you liked my meories...
And thanks for your sweet words♥

I think grandparents is importent in your life..
I think they make you part of what you become;)
May. 19th, 2008 12:17 am (UTC)
Those are really lovely memories.
You reammy made me smile only by reading them.
Thanks so much for sharing them with us!
So you do love "Boeuf Bourguignon"? I'll have to note this! And I didn't know your grandpa was a chef... That's great! What's the first thing he learnt you to cook?^^
(Aww!! I'm so proud of AnnetteBear!!!)
May. 19th, 2008 01:27 pm (UTC)
I don`t know if I love "Boeuf Bourguignon”, it was just my first word XD

My grandpa was a chef and he sailed around the world when my mum was a child.
He was from Germany and the first thing he taught me to make was a special kind of German cookies. Unfortunately none of us ever got the recipe from him:(
He taught me to get my hands into the ingredients of what ever I am making to get the feel of it;)

You have every right to be proud of AnnetteBear, she is a very sweet and kind bear, reminds me everyday of the wonderful girl that gave her to me♥
(Deleted comment)
May. 26th, 2008 06:42 pm (UTC)
Yeah I´ll take some pics and post them, promise;)
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