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Tagged again

I got tagged by sammyndeansgrl1

You can only answer with one word. Not as easy as you might think.
I don`t tag anyone this time, but go try it, it`s fun;)

1. Where is your cell phone? PURSE
2. Your significant other? NONE
3. Your hair? NONEXISTENT
4. Your mother? HOME
5. Your Father? HOME
6. Your favorite thing? SUPERNATURAL
7. Your dream last night? SWEET
8. Your favorite drink? COFFEE
9. Your dream/goal? HAPPY
10. The room you're in? LIVING
11. Your ex? LEFT
12. Your fear? CLOWNS
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? ALIVE
14. Where were you last night? HOME
15. What you're not? RICH
16. Muffins? CHOCOLATE
17. One of your wish list items? SAMMY
18. Where you grew up? DENMARK
19. The last thing you did? ATE
20. What are you wearing? CLOTHES
21. Your TV? COLOUR
22. Your pets? NONE
23. Your computer? NEEDED
24. Your life? STRESSFUL
24. Your mood? GOOD
26. Missing someone? YES
27. Your car? NONEXISTENT
28. Something you're not wearing? SOCKS
29. Favorite Store? NETTO
30. Your summer? BAD
31. Like someone? YES
32. Favorite color? PURPLE
33. When is the last time you laughed? TODAY
34. Makes me happy? F-LIST
35. Who will/would re-post this? EVERYONE?



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Mar. 20th, 2008 10:08 am (UTC)
you will be more than alive in 6 years, you hear me?

*hugs tight*
Mar. 20th, 2008 10:42 am (UTC)
I solemnly swear that I will do everything that I can!!!

♥hugs back♥
Mar. 20th, 2008 01:00 pm (UTC)
I just don't like it when you talk like that. I mean we never know and with my health issues I can't say how it will be in 6 years either. WE just have to have faith and be optimistic.

&hearts &hearts &hearts
Mar. 20th, 2008 01:16 pm (UTC)
I´m sorry:(

I have faith and try to be optimistic, it´s just hard sometimes.
I get so sick and tired from the chemo, and I am starting to freak about the next one, cause it will be a diffrent kind of chemo, and all the secondary effect are worse.

But I know I will fight this!!
And I hope that you in time will get better to;)
♥love you♥
Mar. 20th, 2008 01:32 pm (UTC)
It might sound strange to you but my grandma had cancer and when she couldn't take the chemo anymore she went to a alternative practitioner in Switzerland and after she took his medicine she beat the cancer. It might be an option for you. Just thought I might tell you. :)
Mar. 20th, 2008 01:42 pm (UTC)
Thanks so much hon.

I am determent to go through with the chemo, cause it is the best treatment, but I keep an open mind on other treatments.
I eat a lot of proteins, vitamins, ginger, garlic and ginseng.
I don`t now if it helps, but it doesn`t make it worse.

Mar. 20th, 2008 02:02 pm (UTC)
Yeah, the chemo is the best but also hardest treatment. Don't get me wrong I don't thnk too much about alternative medicine but my grandma beat her lung-cancer and she didn't need any chemos anymore. And another positive fact of that doctor is that he isn't really expensive and makes his tinctures himself.

healthy food and optimmism always helps, sweetie. It's always helps.

Mar. 20th, 2008 10:41 am (UTC)
That was really nice to read^^
I suppose I'll do it^^
And by the way perhaps that we will share a coffee in a Starbuck in six years^^
Mar. 20th, 2008 10:44 am (UTC)
"And by the way perhaps that we will share a coffee in a Starbuck in six years^^"
Sounds like a plan, but maybe before when I get better and the doctors let me travel again....Never been to France;)
Mar. 20th, 2008 12:09 pm (UTC)
SURE WE WILL!!! ^___________________________^
Mar. 20th, 2008 06:02 pm (UTC)
Hey you! yes you will be alive in 6 years and a lot more after that, I know it's hard but be positive.

Good one word answers you have, I love my coffee.

*hugs you tight*
Mar. 20th, 2008 07:23 pm (UTC)
Thanks hon, I know I will, that is what I say right??;)

Gotta have COFFEE!!

♥hugs back♥
Mar. 21st, 2008 12:03 pm (UTC)
You have WAY more than 6 years left honey, don't even think like that!!
Mar. 21st, 2008 12:15 pm (UTC)
Cause I have, that`s what I said right??
Thanks, hon;)
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