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On Sunday, Mum and I went to the Restaurant FLAMMEN (The Flame) for dinner at six.
Without Mum knowing, I had invited Sarah too.
She was waiting for us as we arrived and Mum was on cloud nine. She was so happy to have Sarah there.
We had a great meal – lots of meats, different potatoes, breads and a wonderful salad bar.

Mum was pleased with her gift card for the knitting book of Superheroes that I had made out from Sarah, Thea and myself.

Mum told many stories including her and Dad, and Sarah enjoyed them.

Sarah got some tricks from Mum, how to woe a boy and such ;)

After dinner, we caught a bus and BRO picked Sarah up at Hellevangen.
It was a great evening.

Monday Thea came to stay with Mum...

We spoke on the phone and for Tuesday, I was to bring the remedies for chopped steak, potatoes, béarnaise sauce, different onions and dressings for dinner.

We all had a great afternoon/evening.


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Jul. 5th, 2017 11:40 pm (UTC)
Such lovely photos! Sarah is looking so grown up now! I know I always say that but she is really looking like an adult woman now, not a teenager anymore! And those pictures of Thea with your mum are just lovely, you can see how much they love each other!

How are you, sweetie? I saw on Facebook you said your arm was bruised by the bus driver or something? Are you okay? I hope it wasn't too serious! *big gentle hugs*
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