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Remember I told you about my Bonus nieces, Celine and Nadia? Sister’s boyfriend’s kids?
A couple of fun things about Celine;

Celine 15 years old, when she got a Hermione “Time Turner” from Harry Potter from Mum and I for Christmas; Picked it up, looked at it and announced; “Now my life is complete”
Later Sis told Mum, that Celine had told her Dad; “Rebecca and Benedicte have the coolest Grandmother in the world, she has a nose piercing!”

I speak with Mum every day on the phone; around 10 if we have an appointment that day and if not just to talk.
Friday morning she suddenly said; “We have to change our love for the Supernatural boys”; (I´ve been a Sammy girl for 10 years and Mum had Dean)
I was “Oooookay???” Mum; “I am Soooo in love with Sammy, I have been dreaming about him ALL night!”
So now she has a whole Dean and a part of Sammy….

Let me remind you all, that Mum turns 67 on January 19th ;)

You remember the organization “Five bread and two fish” I´ve mentioned before.

A married couple runs it from a Church. 6 days a week, they collect vegetables and bread from supermarkets that will just throw it away, even if they are not expired. They have set up stations in Churches where people can come and collect what they need.

Yesterday, Saturday, I received a phone call, from them. The woman asked if I was home, as they were in my aria, so they would bring me a box with vegetables and bread for Mum and me. The woman told me that even if they had the places people could pick up what they wanted, they would deliver to a few “chosen” people.

15 min later, I got a box filled with cauliflowers, peppers, onions, apples, melons, bread, celery, grapes, carrots and flowers. They will not accept money for the things they bring, but I had a nice box of Chocolate that I gave them and they gave me hugs, and greetings to Mum.

On Wednesday, I have a doctor’s appointment. As I do not like my usual doctor, Anne, I have chosen someone else. Susan is older and I hope she will listen to me.
That is all for now I think

Love you all♥
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