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Dig the hole deeper....

Sorry for not updating before but my life sucks big time right now!!!!
I went to the hospital last Monday to see the psychologist. She was nice enough and basically told me to take care and look after myself, and let people help me when they offer to do so….I will see her again the 23 of January.

Wednesday I went to the hospital and talked with my doctor Marco. He was really upset about me not getting chemo, and he had had a meeting with the other doctors and professors, and asked them for an explanation, because if they won’t give me one treatment they have to give me another, maybe even operate on me again.
Marco is a great guy and he is on my side in all this, so I hope that helps.

I will be meeting with those other doctors the 18 of January. The day before I have to go for a check-up, so I will end up hating the sight of those people!!

I got my hospital journal this week too and now I can read about the decisions they made at the hospital and didn’t tell me about!!!
So the 28 of January I have an appointment at the Cancer foundation. They have experts that can help me understand the journal and make complaints and stuff.

Yesterday I got a call from my boss at work informing me that she is gonna fire me, since I couldn’t tell her when I can start work again.
She stated that it wasn’t because I got sick, but because I didn’t get better.
I fail to see the difference…If she thinks it will make me feel better loosing my job on top of everything else she is mistaking.

So it have been a really busy week, and here I was thinking that my life couldn’t suck anymore than last year…but getting fired for having cancer can make you feel worse.

On the bright side I have bought a new chair and the first 6 seasons of CSI on dvd so I can relax and watch dvds all weekend;)
And I need to catch up on LJ and my emails….
And I need to thank all of you girls for your help and support….
I ♥ you;)


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Jan. 12th, 2008 05:12 pm (UTC)
Aww Hon! I just want to hyg you so tight right now, so so sorry to hear that, you have certainly had a rough ride. I really hope your meeting with the doctors goes well and in your favour this time.

I want to slap your boss right now! surely she is not allowed to fire you because you are off sick? Here in the UK she would not be allowed to do that, but you would be transfered onto long term sickness benefit, but your job would be held open for you.

"She stated that it wasn’t because I got sick, but because I didn’t get better" that is just an evil thing to say, you are still recovering - has she no heart?

*smishes you* Kes.

Jan. 12th, 2008 05:38 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the hugs hon.

About me getting fired. I will have a meeting with my boss, a social worker and someone from my trade-union. The union will pay sickness benefit for a year, and hopefully I`m well then.
"has she no heart?"
No I don`t think so; I believe she is some kind of robot, cause she NEVER have problems fireing people!!

♥ love you ♥

(see my new icon??)
Jan. 12th, 2008 05:47 pm (UTC)
Well I hope your trade union, shows her up for what she is and you get to keep your job.

You're using one of my icons, thank you I'm so glad you like it.

*loves you back*
Jan. 12th, 2008 07:10 pm (UTC)
I´ll let you know, hon....
and I just love your icon, Sammy`s soooo sweet♥
Jan. 12th, 2008 05:12 pm (UTC)
Oh God,I am so, so sorry. I am also unbelievably angry that you got fired, you could well have a case for unfair dismissal with disability regulations!

*massive hugs and good wishes from over here*
Jan. 12th, 2008 05:40 pm (UTC)
Thanks hon....

I will ahve a meeting with the trade-union, and I know they will support me, and they will pay me for a year, then I hope I´ll be fine;)

Thanks for the hugs hon...*hugs back*

Jan. 12th, 2008 06:36 pm (UTC)
Do I have to fly over there and kick someone's ass? Like I said before, no one huts my Pippii and gets away with it!

Hang in there hon *lots of hugs*
Jan. 12th, 2008 07:08 pm (UTC)
Aww thanks honey;)
I´ll let you know whom to hurt♥
*hugs back*
Jan. 13th, 2008 03:27 am (UTC)
WHAT???? But how is that even possible è_________________é
Are people gonna crazy? How can she do that!!!?
It is not your fault that you can't go back to work right now! I cant' believe they can fire you because of that and that it would be legal! è_é I'm really angry and so sorry for you Kastanje Honey !
I so hope you'll know soon enough what the doctors think to do and they HAVE TO do something! I know in France things are different but I just can't understand whey things are so long, why you can't have more explanations NOW and how it is possible that you still don't have a treatment!
I want you to feel loved and helped and I want you to feel better soon!
Jan. 13th, 2008 06:34 pm (UTC)
Thanks so much sweetie...

I don`t quite understand it myself....But tomorrow I will call a social worker and my trade-union, and they can help me...I know the union will pay me for a year on sick-leave.

"I want you to feel loved and helped and I want you to feel better soon!"
I do, I really do!! Just knowing you are here for me, makes me feel loved and so much better;)
I love you so much Caro♥

Jan. 13th, 2008 09:19 pm (UTC)
I hope your meeting tomorrow will help you because, really, this isn't right!

Well, I just hope I could do more you know!
But you know I'm here if you need it!
Jan. 13th, 2008 09:32 pm (UTC)
I love you, you know that right??
♥♥♥ You do so much for me;)
Thank you so much sweetie....
(Deleted comment)
Jan. 13th, 2008 06:41 pm (UTC)
Thanks Pam;)

Hopefully I have a meeting with my boss, a social worker and someone I trust from my trade-union soon..
I know that the union will pay me for another year, and I hope I will be better then...
My feelings right now tells me, that I don`t wan`t to come back to work, if this is the way they treat people..
..and I know that in my line of work - I am a health care person - I can get all the work I need when I get better;)

How are you, honey??? I hope you are better, I heard you were at the hospital....
Please tell me you are ok;)

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