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Mum went with me – we always goes to each other’s appointments, for additional questions and someone to count on to hear what was said.

The appointment was 40 min delayed, but that meant that my Doctor Anne had time for me.

I told her about the problems with the redness and pain in my operated breast, and she examined me, both sitting and lying down. She then told me, that due to the changes in colouring in my breast, the pain and the different texture of skin, she would ask for an emergency Mammogram, just to make sure there were no cancer-lumps. She saw that I had some icky sores on my right breast, infected and angry read, and said that after the Mammogram, she would send me to a dermatologist to have it looked at.

As for the nosebleeds, she took my blood pressure twice, and then gave me a blood pressure monitor, to take my blood pressure six times a day for three days. I`ll write down the results and when Mum and I will see the Nurse Helle next Monday, I´ll return the monitor and the paper with the result. Then Anne will see what to do with the results and nosebleeds.

I had one more question more for her; I`ve been looking at my medical records, and it seemed that when I went for blood tests they checked me for HIV – negative, as I knew it would be – but I found it strange anyway.

Anne told me than when the laboratory did blood tests, they should inform me about the HIV test, it was not normal procedure, and they had an obligation to talk to me about it, they could not just do that…

I am not sure if I will go further with it with all going on, but in the future, when I go for blood tests, I will ask if they do a HIV test.

Now, I will wait for the Mammogram and then the other things will come after.

Anne is turning into a good Doctor, taking time and listening to me, so I think if this continues, I can be happy with her as my Doctor.


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Feb. 8th, 2016 10:07 pm (UTC)
Nice to hear you have a good doctor.
Do you have any idea how long the wait for the mammogram will be?
Are you worried?

It's gonna be interesting to see what the blood pressure monitor show.
Hmmm.... weird that they would check for HIV. I'm trying to think now, and I can't remember that I've been checked for that without being specifically informed (like when I was pregnant - then it's a standard test)
Feb. 9th, 2016 04:08 pm (UTC)
I am not worried like that, just when I feel something "wierd" in the breast I had cancer in, I want it looked at.
The Doctor said, she would ask for a quick time for the mammogram, just so I can get checked out.

She thought that maybe my blood pressure had something to do with the violent nossebleeds.

I think so too, as I should be informed if the do a HIV test, I don`t know if HIV affect your ironcount, but they should tell me anyway..

Feb. 8th, 2016 10:11 pm (UTC)
*hugs tightly* Crossing fingers everything will be okay, sweetie. How long will you have to wait for the emergency mammogram and results?
Feb. 9th, 2016 04:11 pm (UTC)
Thanks Honey, me too.
Anne ordered a quick mammogram, so maybe a week or two, if I´m lucky. The results normally come back pretty quick, so I am hopeful ♥
Feb. 9th, 2016 01:59 am (UTC)
You have an excellent doctor! If I was her, I'd be pissed about the 'surprise' HIV test as well. That is NOT kosher.

Keeping my fingers crossed! Always...

Feb. 9th, 2016 09:46 am (UTC)
I'm glad she's taking time for you and seems to want to get behind the cause of things. That's really good.

I'll cross my fingers that it won't take too long for those added appointments and getting those results. And that there won't be any big problems.

Let me know, please, if there is anything I can do for you *smooches*
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