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Thea called me Friday to ask if she could come for a sleep-over alone this weekend.
(Sarah had other plans)
Of cause, she could, so she arrived at three in the evening.
We went shopping and then watched a movie on Netflix.
Mum was invited for dinner, and we had rissoles – Thea love that – pommes frites and béarnaise sauce.
Mum had found a pink wig that she gave Thea.

After Mum left, we had some candy, watched WINX CLUB on Netflix. (Thea is Musa, Sarah is Bloom and I was to be Tecna – as she is a geek and have a geek boyfriend, named Timmy, - good to know what your nieces think of you )

After I got Thea to bed around Midnight – she slept in the bedroom with me, - she woke at 5.30 in the morning, claiming that I snored and she could not sleep anymore. I managed to stay in bed until seven, with her watching TV and getting into the bedroom every 10 min to see what time it was.

We had breakfast and then made the Monster High Doll, which was the essence of this stay.
It is a unique Doll, as it is not one you can buy.
It is “The Invisible Man”.

We are both more than pleased with it.

It was a great weekend, I am tired to no end and in so much pain right now, but as long as I can please the girls, I will.
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