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A very Happy New Year to all of you, my dear friends. ♥

Mum and I had a nice quiet New Year.
I´ve made dinner;

Blinis with salmon, shrimp and caviar,

Dried ham with asparagus

Chicken salad

Avocado salad

Bread and chips

We had Polar bear drinks; Sprite soda and blue curano.

We watched tv and talked. At twelwe we went to the balcony and watched the fireworks for 30 minutes.
We had cake and then I went home.

After an hour on my PC, I got ready to go to bed.
I then got a nosebleed that lasted for 35 minutes and was quite nasty.(Three days ago I had a nosebleed that lasted for more than an hour, so I got a little scared)
It took me a few hours until I could get to bed...

But today has been fine.

I hope you all had a nice NewYear♥
Tags: family, friends, i have the best friends in the world, life, love, new year
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