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We celebrate Christmas on Dec. 24 here in Denmark.

This year it was at Mums, with SIS her girls and me. The girls and I watched the Christmas Disney Special, that have been on for as long as I remember.
Then I walked Balder and Nanna and fed them.

Mums tree

Mums tree

Our table

Plate deoration

Mum had made roast pork with white potatoes, brown potatoes and green potatoes (my favorite), red cabbage and the most delisious brown sauce.
We ate, ate, ate and ate some more and had a great time, just talking and enjoying everything.

Rebecca and Sis




After dinner I forced Mum to sit and relax, when SIS and the girls cleared the table and put the presents all over the living room.
I cleaned the kitchen, filled and started the dishwasher and put the food away.

We then sang a few Christmas songs, - for the first time in five years I got to sing "Silent Night" for Christmas, it is my all time favourite Christmas song.

Carol singing

Carol singing

Mum singing

Benedicte started on the presents, and we had a few enjoyable hours with one present opening at a time.

It was such a wonderful and quiet evening, and the girls has such a great time. They enjoyed the presents they got as much as the ones they gave.

Clausen with one of my hats

Olsen with one of my hats

It was a perfect evening.

I cleaned up after coffee and then SIS and the girls went home, and Mum walked me home with the dogs.
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