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First thank you all for the Christmas cards; I hope that I have thanked you all for them, if not, let me know if you send one, and I´ll let you know.
I hope the cards and presents that I´ve send will get to you all, before Christmas.

We have gotten the communal house for Pink Saturday on October first, 2016.
So no stess about where we will be next year.

Last Wednesday Mum, I and a dear friend of ours, Ketty, went to IKEA and the Mall.
Ketty is 80 years old, and is driving the packages for Bosnia, and us if we have to get somewhere.
She is so sweet.
At the Mall, I bought a gift card for Sarah to a craft shop. I picked up some beards for myself.
In IKEA, we bought presents for some of our honorary nephews and had coffee, and just talked.
It was so nice.
Then we went to the plant/animal center and Mum got a new canary bird. (Don Juan had just dropped dead a few days before, and Rodolfo was lonely) I named him Marcello, as he is the other artist in “La Boheme”

I spoke with the woman in charge of mammals and on January 4, “the degu babies” will be handed over to her. I will be paid a little for them; I will get a get a new Derek – a boy this time – and buy a new cage for the two boys.

Last Sunday I had Mum, Sarah and Thea over for a while; the girls wanted to see “the babies” before I have to let them go.

We had an interesting talk about Christmas spirit with Thea;
Thea is into Monster High dolls and she will be getting some dolls from Mum and me for Christmas.
She also have her tiny all-time best friend Mathilde – we joke about me putting Mathilde in my pocket and taking her home.
Mathilde also collect MH dolls, and Thea knew I had one that was just standing on a shelf. Therefore, she asked if she could get it to give to Mathilde, as I never played with it. She could and we talked about when presents was to be opened; Thea then said;
“I will give it to Mathilde to open on Monday – as they had a playdate - ; you know, Grandma and Aunty, one of the best things about Christmas, is when you see the happy faces of the people when they get happy about what you give them.”

I also learned a new skill; making tiny hats for the Christmas tree.

Today I got a Christmas card from my sister; I almost fell down the stairs when I read the sender address.
But I guess it is an effort and we will spend Christmas Eve with Mum and I have a present for her (and Mum told me she had one for me) so it is a start..

Tomorrow Mum and I will go to the cemetary to honour Dad..


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Dec. 22nd, 2015 06:10 pm (UTC)

Wow - card from your sister,  and present even. We'll,  as you say,  it's a start.

Thank you do much for your card and presents! Much appreciated!

Dec. 22nd, 2015 06:40 pm (UTC)
Wow. A card from your sister is a surprise! Good luck having Christmas Eve with her, I hope it goes well!

Those little hats are adorable! You're so clever and good at 'crafty' things!

Thea has definitely got the right idea about Christmas there! She's so mature, isn't she?

And "the babies" are gorgeous! I hope they enjoy their Christmas with you before they are handed over!

*big hugs to you all* I hope you all have a lovely Christmas, sweetie! Lots of love to your mum and Sarah and Thea too! ♥
Dec. 23rd, 2015 09:04 am (UTC)
I'm so glad you had such a good time going to ikea and talking and just enjoying yourself! :)

Aww, and the babies! It's sad that they are going away, but then, they would be quite a handful to take care of. I hope it will be fine when you get a second boy, and that they get along instead of getting teritorial and start stinking up the place each trying to be the alpha.

Aww, Thea is so precious. And she's absolutely right. I like giving gifts because I like to make people happy.

Those hats are very cute! Nice job, darling!

Dec. 23rd, 2015 10:58 pm (UTC)
Aww, this is a sweet and lovely post! Made me happy!! Such joy!

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