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It started well, relaxing most of the day. Just being Mum and I as the past years.
Then for some reason, as I started on our dinner; marinated Mozzarella cheese and dough for blinis with caviar, shrimps and sour cream - Mum made roast pork and salmon with asparagus – I got a full-blown panic attack…. Therefore, I called mum and talked to her for ½ hour and felt better…took a shower, dressed, and went to Mums with the food...

At 6.00 pm, we watched The Queens New Year Speech...
Then Mum realized how warm I was – running a fever – and how worn out I looked..
So she talked me into getting home in bed, as , with my poor immune system I was bound to get that stupid infection that I get once or twice a year if I am too stressed out.

Therefore, I spend New Year’s Eve in bed, reading “Billy´s bones” by Jamie Fessenden. A great book if you need something to read.

I rang Mum and Sarah around Midnight and saw all the fireworks for 45 min after 12…

Then yesterday, Mum and I celebrated New Year.
We watched “A fish called Wanda” (a favorite movie of my dad’s) and ate Blinis with caviar, salmon, asparagus and sour cream, marinated mozzarella with bread, and roasted pork…drinking Nonalcoholic Polar Bears ( Sprite Zero and Blue Curano)  and had a great time..

Today I mostly cleaned up, tried to keep up on LJ and FB and emails…
I hope that all of you my dear friends had a great New Year ;)



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Jan. 3rd, 2015 03:33 am (UTC)
Och!! Hope you are doing much better now!! And it sounds like it was a good New Year's, even as your plans didn't go off as you would have liked...

Jan. 5th, 2015 09:45 am (UTC)
I'm sorry you weren't feeling well *hugs* But I'm glad you have your mom there and got to talk to her and Sarah to ring in the new year together :)
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