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The facts are like this;

Mum have had two operations the one on June 27th and a very minor one ca 2½ week ago, to remove ½mm of healthy tissue some places in the wound.
Everything went well like you know no cancer anywhere.

Today we then went to the Mamma clinic to hear what kind of treatment Mum would need, if any.
What the doctor told us was this: The healthy tissues had shown changes of cells too.
Still changes NO cancer.
 But it is in 15 different tiny places they know of, and there might likely be more and someday in the future it will turn into cancer.

Therefore Mum needs new surgery to remove her entire breast...
She will go into the hospital on Tuesday afternoon and then have the operation on Wednesday. She will be at the hospital until Friday and then come home…

The upside to this mess is this;
When hopefully everything will heal as it is supposed to, that will be that.
There will be no Chemotherapy or Radiation, they don´t do that after that kind of surgery as changes in cells do not spread to other parts of your body (Mum had some lymph notes removed the first time and they were fine)

She’s  worried it will be to hard on me looking after Balder and Nanna, and I told her to loose all her worries about me and the dogs,,,,,we will be fine and she has other things to worry about..
We went an bought new Troll-beards bracelets and beards after….we always give each other presents no matter if it is good or bad news.

Mum is doing…..well not fine when I left her, but ok. I told her to call anytime around the clock and I would be with her within 10 minutes.
Tomorrow I’ll go buy a new chair and BRO will drive us. As the girls are still on summer hols, they will stay for dinner and movies with Mum later...
So we take all the happy times here….
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