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 Last Saturday Mum had Benedicte (SIS` youngest) over for a few hours.
When SIS picked her up, she told Mum to tell me that I was invited to Benedictes birthday party on Saturday.
As SIS has hated me and abandoned me from the family for years, I kind of went into shock….

But as I had talked to both her and Rebecca at Sarah’s Confirmation, I went and bought a present for her.
A book; Eion Colfer ; “Artemis Fowl” and I made her a nice bookmark too…

I was still kind of shocked that she had invited me – we talked at the Confirmation, and I got hugs from SIS, but still I felt weird.

Then today Mum and I went to buy presents for Thea, for her party on Sunday – she turned 7 last Wednesday - ….
We had a break and then Mum told me that BRO had called her last night.
He and SIL and the girls had visited SIS, Rebecca, Benedicte and Nick (new boyfriend) one day for coffee...
BRO pulled SIS aside, and told her, that if she could talk to me at the Confirmation, she should stop her hating, and invite me for Benedictes birthday party.

So “thanks” to BRO I am going to Benedictes birthday party on Saturday.

It is great and at the same time, I am alert that SIS will do something horrible……..
With SIS I don´t know what to expect ……..

I’ll go on Saturday and they will be there for Thea´s party on Sunday.
So I hope everything will be fine……

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