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Latest news since March 28, where we went and filled a police rapport on the attack on Nanna.
Mum has gotten a letter from the housing corporation, they had looked into the case, and one of the dogs are gone – not the attack dog, but the other one.
The owners have been told to get a muzzle for the other dog, and Mum has spoken with the owner about the police rapport. The woman understood and there are no hard feelings.
So all in all the case is over.
Nanna is doing well and so is Mum.

On Tuesday April 1st, Mum and I had our “Knitting Club” and collected all the Tupperware that we had bought in March;)
We have a great time in the “Knitting Club”, even if everyone is way older than me I like being there a lot. We talk, laugh, chatter and most know each other from other times. That is cool.

Yesterday, Saturday, Mum had invited Bro, Sil, Thea and Sarah to celebrate my birthday – as that is Tuesday, no one can come.
She served roasted pork with gravy, red cabbage, white and green potatoes and sugary potatoes. That is a family favourite and for my Bro he never gets real gravy and license to eat as much meat as he wants to at home. So he enjoyed it.
I got two thermo cups and four egg cups as a present, and Thea had made a painting for me from her.

April5 2014 0

April5 2014 1

April5 2014 4

April5 2014 5

Today Sunday, it is Mum and Dads anniversary. They could have been married for 46 years.
Mum and I went to the cemetery with tulips for Dad, and I had bought a pair of silver and pearl earrings for Mum. I´ve always given them presents on their anniversary….
When we got back Mum went to bed, she was cold so I went home.
Spoke to her a little while ago, she is feeling better.

April6 2014 2

Tomorrow I’ll have Thea in the afternoon, so I guess we are going to the playground if the weather is fine.
Tuesday, being my birthday, I have promissed the "Knitting Club", homemade buns, butter and jam.
Later Mum will cook something and we will have dinner…..

As April is Autism month, I´ve tried to make some autism charms. If anyone wants one let me know.

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