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Thank you to all that cares here.

First, thank you for your concern, I told Mum today when we talked.
She then told me, that after her and the dogs morning walk, the skin right under Nannas’ ear had starting bleeding.
Not just a few drops, but really bleeding.
Mum said it was at the place where the fighting dog had bit Nanna. She thought that the dogs bite might have caused some kind of blood boil that has now ruptured.
Mum feel kind of paralyzed and powerless, Nanna and Balder is everything to her.
Mum had told the girl that if they got the dog muzzled, she would not take it further.
Turns out that neither dog has been muzzled the past week as Mum, I and some friends here have seen the dogs.
I felt so bad for her, and told her to give Nanna the painkiller she got for her eye, and then take some pictures of Nannas wound.
I am writing the episode down, from what happened last Monday and till today.
With the pictures, we will send a letter to the housing corporation, informing them about the situation.
From what answer we get, we might make a complaint to the police.
Next time it might be a tiny dog or a small child – there are two kindergartens here, we have a lot of small kids here.
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