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But let’s start with Sarah’s birthday Friday 14th.
We held a surprise party for her on the afternoon and Mum, I, SIS, Rebecca and Benedicte, BRO, SIL and Thea were the ones surprising her.
She was so happy for all your Birthday Greetings and wanted me to thank you all so much...

Saturday I went and watched Sarah and Thea, as BRO and SIL were attending a birthday…they had to sleep over until Sunday afternoon, so I had that too.
We had a great time Saturday, eating chicken, French fries and rice, then watching the Childrens MGP on TV. Having candy and making plans for baking an on Sunday.
WE voted for our favourites, but someone else won. Then Thea went to bed in BRO and SILs bed, where I was to sleep too,
Sarah and I stayed up for another 45 minutes or so and went to bed.
Sleeping with Thea and two dogs were an experience ;)
Thea woke at 6.15...but I managed to keep her and the dogs – singing and dancing, moving around – until 7.10 and then I had to get up.
Made breakfast and COFFEE and woke Sarah, let the dogs out and ate….
Just when it was 9 and we talked about baking and BRO and SIL came home. Long story short, SIL had gotten drunk and as they went to bed at 4 in the night, she was really hung-over at 7, and demanded to get home.
She had all the rights to that, but it ruined our planes.
As soon as BRO and SIL got home, everything changed…. Sarah was yelled at, so she ended up crying most of the time I was there. Thea was confused, as she wanted to be with me and Sarah, but due to BRO was not able too.
WE managed to bake, and I spend my time walking between Sarah’s and Thea´s room, until BRO and Thea drove me home….Not a nice Sunday.

Then came Monday…Late morning Mum called being all shaken up. She had been taking Balder and Nanna their normal walk, and ran into a new resident that owns two fighting dogs, under the bridge right in front our windows. One of the dogs, just attacked Nanna, it bit into her face and just held her in the air. Mum panicked as she was afraid of Nannas eye but fortunately the fighting dog released Nanna, and she was fine. Though Mum was shaken up for the day.

Tuesday was “Knitting Club” and Mum and I had a Tupperware Party.
It went well, though I think Mum and I bought most of the things ;)
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