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I want to thank you all for being here, thinking of Mum and Nanna, and always showing your love and support.

I calmed down yesterday and could talk to Bro over the phone without him knowing how I felt about his behaviour.

Jimmy, Crazy!Aunts boyfriend, picked up Mum and Nanna at nine this morning and went to Århus, to Nannas appointment at eleven.
The vet there is the best “animal eye doctor” in Denmark.
Mum called at 11.30 and told me that the vet had examined Nannas eye.
It turned out that she had a deep hole in her corneal. The vet would take out a tiny part of the white in the eye and sew it over the hole. Nanna will not loose her sight, but it will be slightly worse.
The vet also tested Nannas little eye and said that she had her sight on that.

I talked to Bro and explained and he said, he would lend Mum some money, as the operation will be expensive. He also asked if Mum was angry at him……

I went grocery shopping at two, and picked up milk, dinner and some snacks for Mum, so she didn´t had to do it when she got home.
She called when I got back I talked to her and she said that they were on their way home.
The operation had gone very well and Nanna was awake, but tired.

I´m keeping Balder until tomorrow, so Nanna can get some peace. Then we see if he can get back or if he’ll stay another night.


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Mar. 1st, 2014 03:52 pm (UTC)
I can't believe he even dared to ask...*headdesk*

Blessings to you all - and hope and healing to Nanna...

Mar. 1st, 2014 05:44 pm (UTC)
Very happy for Nanna, you and your mum that Nanna won't lose her eye or sight.

Glad you clarified about the bf. From first post, I thought he was in the same pot as crazy-aunt and bro. Sounds like he's a caring and dependable person. Cheers to him for helping so much.

Maybe keep Balder for a few days. Better safe for sure than sorry. Dogs go a lot on smell and Balder may smell something in the area of the operated-eye and want to come close to sniff it or to lick it or be so happy to see Nanna that he rushes over and may be too rough for her.

Lots of love and hugs and I hope all is calmer and you are all feeling better.

xoxoxoxo ♥ ♥
Mar. 1st, 2014 05:58 pm (UTC)
So glad Nanna's operation has gone well. I hope she recovers quickly and that it doesn't cause too much stress for your mum! Hope you are having fun with Balder too! Glad your brother has been a little bit more understanding than before - brothers, eh? Mine are the same!
Mar. 3rd, 2014 09:53 am (UTC)
Aw, get well soon Nanna! *pets* And I'm glad it has calmed down a bit, you scared me with that other post. *lol* *hugs*
Mar. 4th, 2014 08:26 am (UTC)
I'm glad to hear they are okay :)

Mar. 5th, 2014 10:27 pm (UTC)
I just skipped the angry post, since you have this one up already...

I gotta wonder how your brother can actually be related to you and your mom when he's being this thoughtless and ignorant. Seriously, how can he not offer to drive her automatically and even more important, how can he believe the girls would prefer dinner at Ikea over that? Stupid.

I'm glad to hear the doctor could help though, that's the important thing!!
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