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I´ve had Sarah and Thea here from Thursday-Saturday, as it was winter vacation here in our area.
Thursday Mum had Rebecca and Benedicte (my sis´ two adopted girls) and we were all going to the movies to see “Frozen”

VinterferieTorsdag2014 00
Sarah and Thea

Benedicte and Rebecca

The movie was amazing and we had a great time there.

I took Sarah and Thea home after and they made “Anna and Elsa” dolls, from the Bratz dolls they have here.
Vinterferie2014  03

Sarahs Elsa

Theas Anna

We had tortillas with chicken breast, vegetables and dressings for dinner.

VinterferieTorsdag2014 06

VinterferieTorsdag2014 04

VinterferieTorsdag2014 05

We watched TV until Thea´s bedtime and she had 2 stories (read by me) and 3 songs (song by Sarah) and then we put her into my bed. (The girls are sleeping on pull out beds in my living room)
Then Sarah and I watched a Danish movie that she love and have watched many times here, and then it was bed for us, and Thea returned to her pull out.

Friday was a rainy and cold day, so the girls made more Bratz dolls and Thea and I painted print out dolls from “Frozen”.

We watched “Tom and Jerry” movies and went to the grocery store, to get candy.
And chewing stuff for Balder and Nanna that Thea and Sarah went and delivered to Mum with some candy that Thea had chosen.

Mum came over for dinner at six, and we had spaghetti, chicken breast, vegetables and bread.

Sarah gave Mum a crocheted “Olaf” she made from imagination…I got sooo jealous ;)

Then Thea wanted a shower and Mum helped her as Sarah and I cleaned up.
We then watched “Disney time” on TV, and Thea went to bed in my bed...
Sarah made a drawing of Elsa from the movie.¨

1620622_215395958658443_338612152_n (1)

She and I watched “Hotel Transylvania” before bed.

I woke around 4.30 in the morning from Thea shaking me, she needed to go pee. So I went with her as I had to go too.
When she was done, still almost asleep, and I sat down, she left the bathroom and closed the door, just to turn around, open the door, go into the bathroom, pick up “toilet book” I have on the shelf, handing it to me and went out again….So I read a page or two, before I went back to bed. Passing Thea´s bed, her arms raised for a hug, her still almost asleep...She got the hug and I went back to bed ;)

Saturday morning we had breakfast and watched more Tom and Jerry cartoons.
The day was spend with Thea painting fans and styling dolls, she also made a letter for burned_phoenix It will be in the post soon along with other things.

Thea being creative

VinterferieFredag2014 00

VinterferieLørdag2014 00

VinterferieLørdag2014 01

VinterferieLørdag2014 03

Sarah made two famous dolls from her Bratz dolls...
VinterferieLørdag2014 04
Gloria Gaynor

VinterferieLørdag2014 07
Amy Winehouse

We had pizza for lunch, so the girls were fine when I handed them over.
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