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This week is the schools vintner vacation, here in Northern Jutland. For some reason the rest of Denmark had it last week….
The week is so for me…


I haven’t been the friend that I hoped to be lately…..it is my entire fault, and the fact that things with me are getting worse. I have had days where I could only read and not comment, because my hands have been so bad…then lately my pc-screen died over a very hard week…luckily I had the old one, that has been standing packed in plastic for 5 years. so I now have a, though small, working screen.
Last week I was making the exercises that I have to do plenty times a day, to help my arm and the lymph damage. I sat in my chair I have at my PC, an excellent chair that have been my Dads and was 46 years old. And I leaned back with my hands over my head….and the chair broke and I crashed onto the floor…it took me around 10 min to get my self together and get up, making sure I was just bruised and damaged, but nothing broken…..so this is my apologies …..

Tuesday; Tomorrow I have an appointment with my new doctor Anne. The thing is that I have had on and off stomach-trouble since October, and now I need to be sure it is nothing bad. I have thought it was nerves due to trouble and problems…but now... Thinking of Mums history and her Dad dying from stomach cancer…it is time to get looked at…
Then I have a Tupperware party, at a knitting club Mum and I have joined A few weeks ago it came to Mums attention that Mona, a member of our late Paper doll club, had stared up a knitting club, close to where we live. They needed members so she called Mum and she and I went to see what it was…turned out that 1) you do not need to knit, but can do anything you want, and 2) Turned out that a lot of the people there knew Mum and me from years ago. So we join when we can, and I make a lot of cancer bracelets there (So if anyone wants a cancer bracelet, let me know...)

Mum then have to go babysit Rebecca and Benedicte as SIS choose to work this week.

Wednesday; Sarah and Thea will arriving Thursday for vacation, so I have plans with Mum Wednesday for some cleaning and dinner (steaks, rice and béarnaise sauce)

Thursday: Sarah and Thea come to stay until Saturday. I expect them around noon. At the same time Rebecca and Benedicte will come to stay with Mum..
Mum and I wanted to do something nice as all the girls were here at the same time, so we have bought tickets to the bio movie “Frozen” for all of us...The tickets are bought and paid for, then yesterday SIS thought she should interfere in the plans. She phoned Mum and told her that R+B were crying because they have to go to the movies with me Sarah and Thea, and Thea always turned the attention on her…(let it be said that Thursday was the ONLY day SIS didn´t have to work and actually was home)

Friday; I think the girls and I will be at home, watching movies, making dolls and other crafts and have a blast…

Saturday; the same as Friday, just the girls are going home that day...
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