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Called my Doctor yesterday, to get a prescription for some of the three painkillers I get daily, and to get an appointment, as I have had stomach problems for the past months ( since October, but turned it down as nerves due to all the family problems last year).

Bus due to Mums colon cancer two years ago, (and as it is running in my family as my Grandfather died from it) Mum forced me to make an appointment.

So I called yesterday and discovered that my Doctor has retired from 1/1 14!!!!!

Christiansen has been my Doctor for the past 30 years or so!!!!!!
He knows me, and have been there for me through, my cancer, Dads illness and death, and Mums cancer and family problems.

My new Doctor now is female (nothing wrong with that, just never had that before) but she is also 8 years younger than me!!!!!
But she is the daughter of the other partner that died a few years ago from Kidney cancer- and he knew all about Mum, Dad and me…and if she is anything like her dad, she will be fantastic…
I just liked the idea of someone that knew all my illnesses and problems for the rest of my life…
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