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I know I haven’t been around much lately, and that is due to three things mostly…

I´m having trouble with my pc...some days my screen just dies on me…the picture just fades and I can look on a lot of – all though beautiful – stripes that has nothing to do with anything…It took me some time to work out how to avoid that…turn of my screen for a few minutes when it happen. I hope that is good for now.

I´ve had some days where I haven’t had time…….personal life UGH!!

Third...I´ve had some REALLY bad days lately, wherein my hands and arms have been at its worst. Pain that I had never yet experienced that bad…pain that keeps me awake at night, wondering what I will get out of gnawing off a hand…specially my left one. The one I use the most ;)

But I am better and my pc is acting up, so I’ll try to make an update…..

Lørdag18jan2014 00
Theas picture of me

Lørdag18jan2014 02

She and the dogs arrived for dinner, ham with boiled potatoes and peas, raw carrots and cucumber and butter for sauce. We had ice-cream for dessert.♥

Lørdag18jan2014 04

Lørdag18jan2014 05

After Mum and the dogs left, we watched a “Tom and Jerry” cartoon, and then went to bed.

Lørdag18jan2014 06

Lørdag18jan2014 07

Sunday we had a nice breakfast with cereal, pancakes and nice bread with more “Tom and Jerry”
Later that morning we went to Mums to give her the presents we had for her.

Søn19jan2014 00

Søn19jan2014 02

Søn19jan2014 03

Sarah had crocheted her a neck warmer and that was welcomed as Mum always feels cold.
Thea had painted her some pictures and they were cute.

I´ve bought her 3 books, a bag and a DVD.
Later that day, after the girls had gone home, Mum and I went out for Dinner.
I’d made reservations at Jensen’s Bøfhus, so we went and had steaks, potatoes and a salad bar.
We had a wonderful time, Mum enjoyed it, we talked and laughed…and to speed up the excitement...During our meal, a single person, wearing a hood and several plasicbags, came to take a table behind ours. After the asking for a beer, the waiter came and asked the person to go to the door. ¨
From where Mum and I sat, we had a full view of the police talking to the person and taking her away… no dramatic, but something that we had expected ;)

All in all, Mum had a wonderful birthday♥
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