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Last week Mum had an appointment at the hospital for a talk about the scans she had some time earlier. They told her, that the scans were normal at that time. But they wanted to see her again.
So we went to the hospital, and met with the doctor…he was the gorgeous one, that had operated Mum last year, so that was a good sign.
He told us that the scans from Mums colon cancer was perfectly fine, nothing had spread or anything.
But…they had found a lymph note behind her uterus that was dilated…..So they wanted to see what that could bee.

So tomorrow, Mum and I will get to the hospital at 2 pm, for Mum to have a load of scans.
They will keep her for around 3 hours, until all the scans and tests will be finished.
I will be in the waiting room with my Kindle and some coins, so that I can get coffee and maybe a sandwich.

After Mums tests and scans tomorrow she can go home.
Then on Thursday, Mum has an appointment at 11 am.
The talk with the Doctor if she is fine or if there will be further treatment.

As for today, both Mum and I are doing well, we had a great day

Apart from Mum and me though, you guys are the only people that knows about this...

I will know more on Thursday, but think about Mum until then, it willA be appreciated
Tags: family, friends, i have the best friends in the world, mum
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