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Wednesday the 2nd, was the arrival of two very wonderful friends to my humble flat.
Around noon, Mum and I took the bus to the airport, to pick up burned_phoenix aka the amazing Kerstin.
She arrived here for five days.
We came home and got her settled in, and talked for a couple of hours, then it was time for the arrival of dreamers_dh aka the lovely Sissi.
Kerstin and Sissi knew each other from before, but it didn´t take much talk, before I felt that I´ve known Sissi for forever…
We talked and talked and talked, bought some pizza and salad for dinner and talked and talked and talked some more, before we just needed to go to bed ;)


Thursday we had breakfast and talked some more.
We had planned a few things, so we went to see our local Church. It is a beautiful one and I think they both liked it….and the surroundings too, as it is actually build on an old Viking Graveyard…
We do have some interesting history around here ;)




Then we went on a search for a gas station with actual people, so Sissi could get gas for her car.
(She made me cry, as I was a bad navigator and forgot to tell her that she had to turn left and she went straight ahead…but she managed to get to the right lane…she is an amazing driver^^)
Sissi got her gas, and we went to the Mall, and spend a couple of hours there. Bought a few things and Sissi treated us to ice-cream...
Then we went back home, and went to dinner at Mums.
Both Kerstin and surely Sissi was a bit hit with the dogs, if they could I´m sure they would follow them back home…
Mum had made pork chops (Schweine snitchel) with roast potatoes and muchroom/toamato sauce. It was yummy..we had apple cake for dessert and talked and had a lot of fun.


After we got home we talked a long time before bed..

Friday morning was breakfast and talking and a little sadness, as Sissi had to leave Friday at 10.30… but we did exchange emails, presents and loads of hugs and I know she arrived home in one peace. I miss her so much and hope I get to meet her another time... She is such a sweet and kind girl, and Mum and I just love her♥

Friday afternoon, Kerstin and I spend a couple of hours at Mums, preparing for Pink Sunday.
We had a lot of different things this time, so we had to make lists and force Kerstin to write price tags- that girl has the most beautiful handwriting - so we got it all prepared and packed. And we got left over’s for dinner, so after a load of talking and a lovely dinner and more talk, we went to bed and did a bit of reading.

Saturday was PINK SATURDAY…and we started early. My BRO brought Sarah over at 9.15, and we dressed up pink and went to Mums to get all our stuff.

We made a great stand in Euro Spar…so gorgeous and an eye catcher too. We blew up balloons and put them up, to give o the kids. Mum spend the first couple of hours standing outside, giving people her homemade crocheted hearts and the pink ribbons she made too. Kerstin joined her at one time and got a lot of attention on her gorgeous smile.




We got a lot of attention from people. Some we knew – as we know quite a lot of the people here as I´ve lived here for 25 years, and a lot of people that wanted to support us.




There were people that just came buy and gave some money, without buying anything, my two aunts showed up and Mums upstairs neighbour gave Sarah his bottle receipt, so she could cash in the money.
We had a lottery where you could win a lovely Build A Bear or Rabbit..


We were met by only kind people – except one - you know my downstairs neighbour, the football fan. He came buy after buying his beer, and talked to me. I asked him for a donation, like 1½ euro, but he refused…I knew he wouldn’t buy anything, but giving 10kr….you can do that. I was sooooo outraged by him….



But we did very well.
At 3.30pm Sarah had gotten a cute guy to draw the winning numbers at the lottery and we were packing up.

Back at Mums we did the math; we had sold for 1421kr ($258, £162 or 190Euro)
We gave Sarah a little money for her work and took a bit for ourselves, but in the end we had 1100kr ($200, £125 or 147Euro) to send to The Cancer Foundation.

After getting home, I took a shower and Sarah and Kerstin made dinner; Sausage rolls and Sarah’s famous Omelettes…That were nice…
We spend the evening talking and watching Jeff Durham on YouTube.
But standing a whole day does not go easy on me….Aaarrggghhhh my back and legs hurt when I went to bed…

Sunday was an early day too. Just after Breakfast, Thea arrived. She had been SOOOOO exited about seeing Kerstin again, so there was no end to her happiness as she arrived 9.30.
Letting the pictures speak here you can tell we had a great day…











Sunday was also the day Kerstin had to leave… ;(
BRO and SIL came to pick us up that afternoon. SIL took Sarah and Thea and BRO took Mum, Kerstin and Me to the airport.



We talked for a while and then said our goodbyes…….
It was sad to say goodbye, but nice to say see you again.
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