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And it is my entire fault.

The past month I think has been so busy with RL and family problems that I haven’t been able to pay you all the attention you deserve….

Family first;

My sister has been acting up again. She talked Mum into come a look after the girls from the 19th to the 20th, as she had to leave for work at six on the 20th…Mum said yes as long as she got picked up and dropped of, and that she could bring the dogs…so Sis agreed….
Mum called Friday at midday. She had woken the girls and gotten them fed and off to school, that was the positive thing…
On Thursday SIS has flipped out and screamed at her three times, because the dogs had peed on the floor (it was easy to clean op with paper towels), so she had to keep the dogs on a leach all the time.
Then Mum had to sleep on an air mattress on the floor. Knowing she is 63 and had major stomach surgery (bowel cancer) a year ago, and has trouble getting up and down, I got sooo angry for that.
Mum was glad she could spend time with Rebecca and Benedicte, but told Sis that the next time she could take the girls out of school for a day and they could sleep over at Mums.

Crazy!Aunt has been acting out too…a couple of weeks ago, Mum and I went to visit her and her boyfriend, - he is amazing and picked us up and drove us home in the afternoon -.
It started out cosy enough, we sat in the garden and had coffee and later went shopping in the small village they live in.
When we came back, we had homemade burgers and talk and then she started…she had a breast cancer operation last year, with a tumour on 3mm…but as far as she knows, it is something to moan and bitch about to Mum every day. She wants the hospital to be there for her 24/7, and bully the hospital staff…..we tried to explain to her that she was fine when the doctor told her there was nothing wrong, but she doesn’t listen at all…..
My head was spinning when we got home….

Mum; she had an appointment for a scan at the hospital last Friday, but it went well and no tumours or anything showed up…so now she has three years before she has to come back. So she is well and great♥

Real Life:

October is coming up and that means Breast Cancer Month….

Lyserød Lørdag 01

That also means Pink Saturday, which is the 5th this year.
Last year was the first time we participated with a sales booth in the middle of Aalborg and we did well, so we decided last year, we wanted to participate this year too.

So we’ve spent the last year making all our jewellery, knitted and croquet things and a lot of other things.

Then when we came to sign on, we got a smack in the face. Turns out, this year you have to pay come to 135Euro for a booth!!!!!
That took the spirit out of us for a couple of weeks…
But Mum and I got an idea. We have two local grocery shops just across from the street from where Mum and I live.

So we went to the one where we know people and found the manager. We explained our situation and that the money would go the Cancer Foundation and what we would sell. And the lovely man told us, that we could have a place in the front of the store, where there are two tables, and is placed just where people are getting in and out.

So we have worked like mad to get our things ready, finding two “Build A Bear” toys for a lottery, making all kind of pink stuff and trying to get a few donations. (I haven’t heard anything from the two I´ve contacted, but I have faith)


So next week will be even busier, but great things will happen; I’ll have some lovely guests next week too.

On Wednesday my wonderful and lovely friend Kerstin burned_phoenix will come to Aalborg and make my life so much better, and she’ll stay until Sunday.
4oktober2012 01

As a bonus in my life, the amazing Sissi dreamers_dh will visit from Thursday to Friday.

So the next week will pretty much be like this:

Monday; Our Cathedral Budolfi, has “the Candle Light Evening” again this year, so there Mum and I will be at 7pm.

1oktober2012 02

Tuesday; Mostly cleaning and freaking about not being able to have guests;)

Wednesday; Kerstin YAYYY….loads of talking and maybe some “Boys With Their Shirts Off”

1oktober2012 01
Mum and Kerstin at Church last year

Thursday; Sissi YAYYY…probably go and see the Church across the street and Dinner at Mums.

Friday; Museum and Mall....and Sissi will leave us

Saturday; Pink Saturday,so Sarah will get here early, we will make a killer sale for “The Breast Cancer Foundation”, fun and dinner and more fun. Sarah will stay until Saturday.
lyserød lørdag 003

Sunday; Thea will arrive early to spend time with Kerstin, and at some point Kerstin will leave and we will send her off as best we can...

So….I will probably be absent the next week, but I promise to take notes and pictures so you will all get some nice posts about the perfect week that will come
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