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I hope all of you are doing well and have a lovely summer.

I have been two things the last few weeks; sick and busy.

The sick thing is boring; like getting worse pain and such, especially my hands are getting way worse (So sorry to all of you getting holiday postcards, I hope you can read them)

Busy is funnier; I´ve been cleaning out among all the stuff I have.
A lot has gone in the garbage, but a lot of it was books (that I have two or more of, or didn´t want to read again) and DVDs (that I´ve seen enough) and usable things, so it went to charity.
I am not finished, far from it, but getting a few shelves’ at a time getting, dusting and making them pretty. Love that ;)

School summer vacation started last week, so this weekend I had the girls for a sleep over, though Thea wanted to go home Saturday night..

SIL dropped them of Friday, before she went to work. The weather was wonderful, so we called Mum and went to another playground than the one we usually go to.

Juli5 201300

Juli5 201302

Juli5 201303

Juli5 201304

Mum and I talked as the girls played and had fun.
Later we went shopping for groceries and the girls got some money from Mum, so they bought candy too. We had Chicken legs, French fries and sausage rolls for dinner and watched ""Despicable Me"

After candy, bed time stories that Thea can recite with me and just love, she slept and Sarah and I watched “Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde” Sarah love that movie and the book soooooooooooo much♥

Saturday morning arrived so soon;)
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