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As I have been a bad friend here, due to me being sick most of April, I will do this as a way for me to be with you guys “KIND OF A MEME FOR MAY…”

Today the subject is books…How do you read them?

I for one, as a long life lover of books, and later being a book seller, I´ve always loved my books...
Big, heavy and with a lot of pages to turn…HEAVEN!
I have shelf upon shelf in my apartment filled with books, a lot of them standing in two rows…

But after I god breast cancer in 2007, things changed….as you know, my fine motor skills gets worse and worse, so in the end I had problems holding a real book, it would be to heavy to read in bed.
And spending a lot of time in bed due to pain and problems, means wanting to read ;)

But a lovely Lady called RJ Scott got me a Kindle!!
What a life saver!

It is easy to use; I can download books to it with one click, and then just read.
Doesn’t mean that I don´t buy hardback/paperback books, because I do…

If you take a look at my Kindle it is almost only M/M books….as my shelves are books collected over the past 36 years ;)

But now….how do you like to read your books and what kind of books do you read?
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