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As I have been a bad friend here, due to me being sick most of April, I will do this as a way for me to be with you guys “KIND OF A MEME FOR MAY…”

So today I have a meme from aelia1980

1. How old will you be in 10 months?
Still just 44

2. Do you think you'll be married by then?
Definitely not

3. What do you look forward to most in the next 3 months?
Keeping that strength that I have now, and not get worse

4. Who was the last person you called?
Mum this morning, to make sure what bus we would be taking to the cemetery today.

5. Who was the last person to call you?
Sarah yesterday.

6. Do you prefer to call or text?
Both I think. For most people I call, but Sarah and I have developed a system, where we text a lot every day..A lot of texts everyday ;)

7. Do you have any pets?
My two Burmese cats, Sammy and Jensen

8. What were you doing at 12am last night?
Reading “Locker Rooms” on my Kindle

9. Are your parents married/divorced/separated?
Mum is a widow, Dad died in 2010

10. When is the last time you saw your sister?
Years ago

11. What happened at 10:00am?
Drinking coffee and trying to wake up.

12. How many states have you lived in?
One I think here in Denmark

13. How many cities/towns have you lived in?
I´ve lived in Aalborg, Denmark, most of my life, but I have lived for some months in other cities in my life.

14. Do you prefer shoes, socks, or bare feet?
Bare feet.

15. Are you a social person?
Yeah here on LJ and FB I am. RL I have a few people I want to be around.

16. What was the last thing you ate?
Breakfast; Cheese toast this morning.

17. What is your favorite ice-cream?

18. What is your favorite dessert?
I´m not big on desserts..but a snickers bar with my coffee is fine..

20. What kind of jelly do you like on your PB & J sandwich?
??? we don´t have that in Denmark

21. Do you like coffee?
YESSSSSSSS, I cannot function without coffee!!

22. How many glasses of water a day do you drink on average?
I drink min. 2 litres every day

23. What do you drink in the morning?

24. Would you rather sleep with someone else or alone?
I`ve been alone most of my life..

25. What side of the bed do you sleep on?
Starts on my right, but I have a Queen so I change sides.

26. Do you know how to play poker?

27. Do you like to cuddle?
Yessssss, If I had someone to cuddle into.

28. Have you ever been to Canada?

29. Do you eat out or at home more often?
At home

30. Do you know anyone with the same birthday as you?
My cousins wife, that I went to school with for 10 years, have her birthday on April 8th like me;)

31. Do you speak any other language?
Ny natural is Danish, but I am rather great at English…and some other languages that I can fake my way through.

32. Have you ever been in an ambulance?
One of my earliest memories is me in an ambulance, I´m 4 and have false croup, and someone plases an oxygen mask over my face….

33. Do you prefer an ocean or a pool?

34. Do you prefer a window seat or an aisle seat?
Don´t really know..

35. Do you know how to drive a stick shift?
No, I cannot drive

36. What is your favorite thing to spend money on?
Books and things to make jewellery from.

37. Do you wear any jewelery 24/7?
Four earrings and five Trollbead bracelets.

38. What is your favorite TV show?
Supernatural watched with Mum..still haven´t started season 8….
Hawaii Five 0 alone

39. Do you miss any of your exes?
Hmmmm, one turned out ro be gay and wanted me for a beard.
The last one left the day I told him I had breast cancer…
So no…

40. Who is the funniest person you know?
I laugh a lot with Mum..Sarah and Thea are funny too….

41. Do you sleep with stuffed animals?
Yes, right now it is a Build a Bear one named David.

42. What is the main ring tone on your phone?
The same for all.
43. Do you still have clothes from when you were little?
Yes, some coats that my grandmother bought for me when I was two..they are sooooooooo cute♥

44. What is the color of your bedroom walls?
Light blue and have been so for more that 25 years..maybe I need to paint again;)

45. Do you shut off the water when you brush your teeth?
Yes, I tend to wander around the flat and do other things at the same time..

46. Do you sleep with your closet doors opened or closed?

47. Would you rather be attacked by a big bear or a swarm of killing bees?
Well, the bear would kill me for sure..but as I am allergic to bees so would they.. so none please.

48. Do you flirt a lot?
No.. I smile a lot;)

49. Is there someone you're thinking about right now?
Jared maybe;)

50. Are you a relationship type of person?
No…I´m 44 and single and have been for the best part of my life, so I am going to be alone for the rest of my life…
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