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As I have been a bad friend here, due to me being sick most of April, I will do this as a way for me to be with you guys “KIND OF A MEME FOR MAY…”

So for today, May 1st…..

Today is my Great-Great-Grandfathers birthday. He died in 1984, but he would turn 110 today if he was alive. He was born in 1903.

In 2003 our family celebrated his 100th birthday. We all went to the cemetery with flowers and a dram for him. Then Mum and I had made a lunch/dinner at my parents, with all his favourite dishes.
We went there and ate and celebrated him.

I remember when I was a child, and he would come visit.
My siblings and I knew when we came home from school and his cane was standing in the corridor, that he was there, and the afternoon would be special.
Maybe there would be cocoa and bread with butter waiting for us, or maybe he would stay for dinner…
He was Mums Grandfather, her Mums Dad, and he was great at telling stories.
A lot of them were from his youth and during World War 1 and 2, and I was fascinated.
I´ve always loved hearing stories from elderly people.

The day he died…He had been at our house and had paid for a great dinner, no special reason, just because he wanted too. He was feeling great and I remember that us three kids has been send to bed before he left, us kissing him and telling him “see you soon”.
Dad drove him home, and for the first time in a long time he felt good and went up into his flat alone. (Normally dad would walk him up after driving him home)
The next day Mum got a phone call from the police.
The care taker that looked after him everyday had found him dead…..
What they found out was; he had gotten up and eaten breakfast with his coffee, and then he had gone back to bed…then in his sleep he died.

I think he went peacefully, having had a wonderful day the day before..and now he is sitting on his star, looking down on us, and making sure that we are pulling through our problems….
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