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HAPPY EASTER to all of you that commented on my Easter post..

But now; first thing first; Sarah’s birthday…
Sarah turned 13 on March 14th, and we have e teenager in the family for the first time since her dad ;)

Mum and I were invited for the actual day, and my Bro picked us up after work...he works a few minutes from where we live...
We had ordered A Vintage One Direction Louis Doll, for her but it didn´t arrive on time... (It cost a small fortune for us, so we bought it together)


We’ve also ordered a 1D necklace and two silicone bracelets that said “I ♥ Louis” that she got on her birthday.
I had made her a portfolio with 1D pictures, autographs and paper dolls of all the boys there. I´ve printed a few extra of the dolls, so she could give some to her girlfriends from school.
(They are four girls in a secret 1D club and make pyjama parties in the weekends.)

We had a good time with the girls and Sarah had asked for lasagne for dinner. (Not to be mean or anything here, but every meal my SIL makes, tastes of absolutely nothing; everything are totally bland…no wonder Sarah loves to experiment with food and spices when she is here)

Sarah13år 04

We ate and then my Bro drove us home.
On the 16th the doll arrived an as Sarah was going to a sleep over, she came buy to get her doll. Her friends go sooooo jealous ;) But she was kind and gave them all paper dolls...

Sarah13år 00

Saturday 23rd we went to another birthday, this time with some other family, SILs bro, wife and two boys and Sils Aunt and her daughter.
Sarah got some nice presents, and I had made bracelets for her and Thea. It was a nice day.

Then came Easter holidays. So from 25th to 27th I ha both Sarah and Thea here.
They took me by surprise when they announced their arrival on Monday afternoon, but luckily I had a bunch of chicken legs for dinner ;) So we had dinner and watched DVDs.

Tuesday Sarah and Thea baked three different kinds of oatmeal cookies and asked Mum up for coffee. But first we went to the playground so Thea could use some of her energy.

Marts 26 2013 02

Marts 26 2013 05

It went well until we had to go back home…Mum and Thea went one way down the slope and Sarah and I took another. I was so busy looking after mum, that she didn´t fall…so my left foot slipped and I ended up twisting my right knee on the way down on the asphalt, hurting my left side in the fall too.
That was SO stupid. I was just lying there, saying “aw,aw,aw,aw” as Mum, Sarah and some guy came to my rescue and got me up.
We got home and Thea was there (She got scared and ran home and waited for us when we got to my front door)
My jacket and cloth was cowered in mud so mum found a change of cloth and got me into my chair to rest...
We had coffee and the girl’s cookies and mum made them promise that they would help me, as my knee was really bad.
Mum helped Thea shower for the night before she went home.
We had burgers and sausage rolls for dinner and Sarah and Thea made it.

Marts 26 2013 06

Thea went to sleep short after dinner, so Sarah and I watched a new DVD and went to bed after.

Wednesday morning the girls woke me up ad had had set the table with breakfast and made coffee for me, that was so sweet♥

Marts 27 2013 00

Sarah worked on her dolls houses and Thea made pictures and played baby with Sammy.
Mum came with their Easter eggs and had coffee and stayed until the girls got picked up...

Marts 27 2013 02

We had some really nice days together.
The fact that I was sick and almost immobile for most of Easter was just what it was…

April 1st, I was better and went to mum for dinner. We had “skidne æg i sennepssovs med bacon”.
It is boiled eggs in a fish mustard sauce, served on bread with bacon bits and chives. We always have it on “Long Friday” in our family, but as I´ve been sick, mum waited…

skidne æg

We watched TV and had a nice evening….
Nothing much has happened the past week, apart from my parent’s 45th anniversary yesterday, Saturday…

Tomorrow, Monday 8th, it is my 44th birthday.

Digitalkamera 051

I’ve invited Mum for brunch and a bit of shopping (she wants to give me some new clothes)

I hope I will get the girls from tomorrow evening, until Wednesday, but Bro and SIL are still talking about it...But fingers crossed……
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