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Hmmmm, yes things went well with Balder here, he had a good time here. Mum left Wednesday at four in the evening and I picked up Balder at 6.30, went for a walk and then dinner.
He slept on a pillow in the living room and slept well both nights. The biggest problem, was the morning walk. Balder really like his walk, and the problem with me is, that I am not functioning at ALL before an hour or 1½ hours after I have taken my medication…and that means not being able to walk properly, using my arms to dress myself, or walk down stairs…..but here I had to get the meds, get into sweatpants and a coat and walk down two flight of stairs with an eager little dog;)
But it worked out and Balder behaved and was a sweet dog.
On Tuesday at Mums birthday, we both had pancakes to celebrate;)
I talked to Mum on the phone all three days and as she was having a good time looking after Rebecca - they went to build a bear and the zoo - all in all she would rather have stayed at home….
But my sis and the kids asked her out on her birthday to a Chinese restaurant, along with ex-mother-in-law and the new boyfriend…
Benedicte was doing such a great job on the photo shoot that the entire crew applauded her after her shoots and gave her one of the outfits she had worn.
Mum took the train home Friday at 6 in the evening and was back home 4½ hour later. She came here and I had made coffee and toast - her choice and wrapped her presents and lit candles;)
The fun thing was, that when she came through the front door, she went straight for Balder and showered him with love and kisses for several minutes, when I was just standing there;)
But I got my hug and kiss too and we had coffee and toast, and Mum got her presents. I had printed all of your greetings and cards for her and put them in a binder and there were the presents and cards from you guys too, along with Balder´s present and mine..
Balder gave her two bundles of yarn and I gave her a book with knitting patterns for baby clothes a book about porcelain dolls and a gift certificate for a charm for her bracelet.
Saturday we did nothing and Sunday Mum invited me up for dinner, there we had a good time.
Saturday Sarah, Thea, Bro and SIL will come for coffee and dinner and that will be the end of her birthday.

I have been working on new designs on my jewellery and I hope you guys like what you see..
The key chains with names will take some time to make, as I have ordered new letter-pearls, that still have to arrive. They are square and some are white and more are coloured.

Some of the new pearls I´ve ordered

Here are some pictures of what I am making right now…if you have any requests please let me know, and I will be happy to make something for you….


More personal keychains

jesco0307 has first choice on this if she wants one;)

Some of the ear rings I make, there will be a choice of coloured beards and such...


Jan. 26th, 2012 09:52 pm (UTC)
Glad you managed okay looking after Balder and I glad your mum had a good birthday! *hugs to you both*
As always, your jewwllery is lovely - everything you make is so pretty! ♥
Jan. 27th, 2012 01:17 pm (UTC)
She had a good time and I think Balder did too, but he was happy when Mum came back;)
Aww thank you ofr your kind words Honey♥

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