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Well.. Mum and I spend a few days getting the last things in order..
Friday around noon we went to the cemeteries - we looked 3 different places for cemetery things, but Mum didn’t like any of them…I told her that we needed to find something that she liked, or wait until another day…Mum remembered that there was some lovely apple wreaths at the old farmhouse, where we had been the day before..so we went there and bought an apple wrath with berries for Dad..a pine heart for Mums Mum, Dad and Granddad, and I bought a berries heart for Marie..I`ve made charms for Dad and Marie and they looked great..
Friday evening Mum and Balder came for hot chocolate and fritters, we had some enjoyable hours and watched the latest Harry Potter on DVD.

My Christmas Tree

Saturday Christmas Eve…as we celebrate here in Denmark.
I spend the morning being lazy, wrapping the last presents and resting.
Mid afternoon Mum and I went to my bro and SIL, to celebrate Christmas with them and Sarah and Thea.
As soon as we arrived I got snatched by Thea, into her room with the door closed so she could cuddle and kiss me for 45 min;)
Then we went to Sarah’s room, where Sarah was working on a gift for Mum. We sat cuddled up on her couch, singing Christmas songs and I read Christmas stories.

Thea Sarah and a Christmas tree

Then we had dinner, roast pork, potatoes, caramelised potatoes, gravy, red cabbage and waldorf salad.
Thea wasn’t much for eating, she was getting impatient and so was Sarah. So after dinner - a wonderful one - we dance around the Christmas tree, song a few songs - and my voice was back YAY - and got to the presents.
The girls got so many presents;)

Family opening presents

More presents

I gave them both a gift card for build-a-bear, and a DVD each. Sarah got Harry Potter and Thea got The Smurfs.
Mum gave Sarah ”Monster High” dolls and accessories, and she gave Thea a baby doll and a complete baby changing table.
Sarah had made presents for us, she had made me a quilt and a Teddy Bear, and Mum got a big Santa pixie that she had worked on at school and a pot stand in cross stitch and a Teddy Bear.
Thea had bought jewellery boxes for Mum and me. Mum got hers first and it was green, as Thea said it was Mums favourite colour. As we were all admiring it and telling her what a great gift she had bought, she turned to me and said; ”I have bought one for you too, but it is a secret, so you can not guess what colour it is!”;)
It was pink, as that is my favourite colour;)

Then the girls played with their presents for a while, with me trying to spend equal time with both.
Around ten we had coffee and ris ala mande (rice pudding) and Mum won the prize.


Mum and Thea

Thea was getting really tired by then and my SIL had to go to work on Christmas Day, so Mum and I went home after that.
It was a wonderful Christmas.

I spend Sunday sleeping in, and just puttering around, watching TV and such.

Spend some of Boxing Day - today - like this too.
Later I will go to Mum and we will have some Christmas dinner and exchange our gifts.
Tomorrow we will go to my sis and Rebecca and Benedicte and the new boyfriend and exchange gifts there…

I want to take the time here to thank all of you for your wonderful Christmas cards and presents, I am so happy with all of them…and I know there are more on its way, and I am so excited about that too;)

I´ll make a proper thank you post with pictures of gifts later..

and then Christmas is over for this year….



Dec. 27th, 2011 06:47 pm (UTC)
We had a great day thanks;)
Thank you so much for the present that arrived today, you are awesome darling♥
Love you♥

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