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This is just the highlights on what happened around the time that I got diagnosed with breast cancer in June 2007.

1) My sister that have been jealous at me for years, even if I don’t know why, hadn’t talked to me since September 2005.

2) Our parents lived in a house with my bro, SIL and Sarah, had done that for a few years. February 2007, they told our parents to leave their apartment because they wanted the entire house for themselves, which lead them to not speak to each other, even if Sarah still spend a lot of time with our parents.

3) I got my exam as a health care helper in May 2007 and got a job for the evening watch at an old peoples home and liked it.

4) In June I found a lump in my left breast and went through the doctor, mammograms, ultra sound and biopsy.

5) Over the summer I spend a lot of time at my parents. They sometimes looked after her kids, and on two occasions I was there and my sis found out and totally flipped out.

6) August 1 I went to my oncologist and got diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer. The same evening my BIL, calls our parents on my sis behalf and tells them to choose between me and their kids. Mum tell about my diagnosis and all he has to say is; “that’s to bad, you want to see her or your grandkids?” Our parents chooses me.

7) Over the next five months I gets two operations, and our parents moves into an apartment close to me. In January 2008 I starts six rounds of Chemo therapy until May, and in June I go to Norway for 34 doses of radiation therapy.

8) After the end of treatment I spend a lot of time to recover and is still on sick leave.
One day I run into my sis and she looks me in the eye and says;” I can’t wait until the cancer kills you.”

9) August 2nd 2010 my Dad dies unexpectedly from a bleeding in the brain. It takes a day at the hospital, where I call my Bro and Mum calls my Sis, they both and my BIL comes to the hospital and is there when Dad dies without waking up.

10) My Bro have a really bad conscience about not talking to Dad the past years and starts trying to help Mum and starts coming around as a family. My sister does the same on her conditions, but I am allowed to see her kids.

So the thing now is; she behaves as she has never done anything wrong that the past years are wiped away and everything is peachy. She needs Mum to look after the kids and know that she has to put up with me too….

I hope this helps you to understand, but feel free to ask anything you will..

♥love you♥

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