October 1st, 2017

Breast Cancer

Update on me

Friday 22 our grocery store, KIWI, closed down.
They sold everything off at 50% off.
Mum and I went and bought some stuff for Pink Saturday.
We managed to get coffee for Pink Saturday, as Thomas (the boss) found the last two packs of good coffee, and donated it to us ♥We bought tea, napkins and soft drinks,
It will open as a SPAR next Saturday, the 7th.
Last Saturday, Mum and I went on the bus and went to Viborg, where Sis, nieces, new BIL and bonus nieces, moved during the summer. Rebecca turned 15 on the 20th, and we we went to celebrate. Rebecca and Benedicte was excited about Pink Saturday, they will come and sell coffee, buns and cakes.
The past we have been so busy, with Pink Saturday. Some of our sellers have pulled out, so I need to find people for 4 people until next Saturday.
I am not sure if this is appropriate; but if any of you want to contribute with money to our cause, you can pay to my PAYPAL at awbjoern@gmail.com and I will send you a “Sarah Bjoern” “Pink Saturday original drawing numbered” – as you know Sarah IS TRULY amazing with her drawings.