December 29th, 2013



Mum and I spend The 24th, Christmas Eve that we celebrate here in Denmark, with my bro, sil, Sarah and Thea.

Bro picked us up at 4, and we had a wonderful time...

I got "arrested" by Thea, which meant that I was spending a long time in her room being just with her;)

Juleaften2013 00

Juleaften2013 01

Juleaften2013 02

For dinner, we ate roasted pork with the white potatoes, sugary potatoes, red cabbage and gravy. It was delicious.

Juleaften2013 03

Juleaften2013 04

Then we sang Christmas songs, and finally Sarah and Thea got their presents.

Juleaften2013 05

Juleaften2013 06

Juleaften2013 09

Juleaften2013 11

Thea got all the Monster High that she wished for by Mum and I and Sarah got designing materials from Mum and a ventriloquist dog and a the book "Not Pretty Enough" by Jaimie Admans from me...

A great Christmas Eve♥