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Part five “FISH-O-RAMA The dinner date”

Author: pippii
Rating: A little more than PG not exactly NC-17.….sorry
Word Count: 1031
Warnings: None except for no Betas
Written for: Challenge #3 at JaredChris
Summary: “Be sure to wear this shirt tonight, I have some…plans for it.”
A/N: this part is for audemus22 yet again, as she is the most flailing fan girl I have;)
It is also longer than any of the others..I think I tried to avoid the sexing….

Jared was feeling so nervous that he was actually trembling.
He was standing outside Chris` apartment, taking a few deep breaths and trying to calm down before ringing the doorbell.
He and Chris were just having dinner he told himself, and then Chris had plans for his shirt….and that was what had Jared trembling with anticipation. He couldn’t wait to find out what Chris would do to him, at the same time being scared as he had never…he shook his head and took one last breath and rang the bell.

Chris was running around like a headless chicken, making sure that everything was perfect before Jared showed up.
He was feeling kind of nervous, which was a brand new feeling for him, and he wasn’t quite sure what to do about it. It was just dinner for Gods sake, and then Jared and that shirt and the things Chris wanted to do to him….
He remembered Angela’s words about how Jared was totally gone for him and he smiled a little. He felt the same for Jared and he wanted everything to be perfect for their first date.
He puts the potatoes on the table, takes of his apron, the one Steve gave him that said; ”It is Happy Hour somewhere in the World” and run his fingers through his hair as he hears the doorbell.

”Hey”, Jared says, blushing a little as he steps into the apartment.
”Hey yourself”, Chris answers as he wraps his arms around Jared and pulls him in for a kiss. Jared is getting well into the kiss, when he hears a sigh and a ”Aaawwwwww” from behind him. Looking up and realising they are still standing in the doorway he looks at Chris that are waving at someone behind him.
”GO HOME”, he yells and turns around to see Angela and Billie waving at him before disappearing around a corner.
Jared blushes but Chris just laughs and hauls him inside the apartment and closes the door firmly.
”On day soon I’m really gonna kill them”, Jared mutters and look at Chris with a shy smile, ”I’m really sorry about that.”
”You know,” Chris smiles as he tugs at Jared’s hand to get him to come with him to the table, ”I talked to Angela earlier today.”
”You did?”
”Yeah, and she told me something about you..”
Jared groans and starts his threading again.
Chris puts a small kiss to Jared’s lips to shut him up and then continues; ”She told me that she and Billie just wanted you to be happy because they love you.”
Jared sighs;” I know and I love them too, they are the best friends ever.” He pauses a bit then says; ”But they have turned into flailing fan girls now, following us everywhere.”
”Hmmmmm, about that” Chris breathes into Jared’s ear and Jared feels his bones turn to jelly, ”we have to do something about that.” He runs the tip of his tongue along the shell of Jared’s ear, then says; ”Dinner.?”

The dinner is great, fish with potatoes, Brussels sprouts and gravy and beer.
They talk during dinner, getting to know each other a little better, but both of them are eating just a little faster than they usually do.
When they have swallowed the last bit of fish and beer, Chris looks at Jared with a heated expression in his eyes, one that makes Jared blush again..
”Wanna take the dessert into the bedroom?” Chris asks reaching out and taking Jared’s hand in his.
”Ohmmmm yeah, yeah sure” Jared stammers and gets to stand, still holding Chris` hand.
Chris smiles and gets up, picking up a bowl and leading the was to the bedroom.
Jared smiles when he looks around Chris bedroom. There is a big bed, a table with a pc and a chair, and a big frame with pictures right above the bed. Lots and lots of pictures of Chris and some other people that could be his parents.
Chris sees Jared looking at the frame and says; ”Well, my Momma mad that when I moved away and I just….”
”I like it” Jared says and turns to kiss Chris, ”It`s great.”
Chris smiles against Jared’s lips and pushes him ever so gently on to the bed, before laying down on top of him.
Jared moans at the feeling on Chris hard body on his, and the way Chris hands slowly moves under his shirt, pushing it up and revealing Jared’s body.
”I would love to remove this with my teeth”, Chris breathes against Jared belly, ”but I think it will take to long.” With that he pushes the shirt up and Jared just lifts his arms so Chris can remove the shirt.
Chris runs his hands over Jared’s chest and kisses Jared hard. ” I will never do anything to hurt you, you know that right?”, Chris says looking into Jared’s eyes.
”I know”, Jared whispers, ”but thanks for saying it anyway.”
Chris smiled, then removed his own shirt and smirked a little at Jareds gasp as he saw Chris chest.
Chris leaned down, nipping and licking over Jared’s chest and making his way down to the waistband of Jared’s jeans.
Jared writhed and squirmed under Chris mouth, feeling aroused and so frightened at the same time.
”Chris…Chris please….I..I … I never done anything…” Jared gasped and pushed at Chris hair until Chris face was in level with his.
Chris looked into Jared’s beautiful golden eyes and saw love, admiration, determination and fear all at a glimpse.
”We don´t have to do anything tonight”, Chris whispered, ”nothing to be afraid of”
Jared gasped as he saw Chris` hand disappear into the dessert bowl, coming up covered in cream and custard.
”Do you trust me?” Chris answered as he smeared Jared’s chest with the goo on his hand, letting his tongue lick a trail down Jared’s body.
”Yesssssssss”, Jared panted as he felt Chris` tongue and hands moving towards his still trapped hard-on.
He moaned as Chris opened his jeans and put his hand inside Jared’s boxers. Then Chris pulled his cock out and put his mouth on Jared, and Jared went straight to Heaven.



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(Deleted comment)
Jul. 24th, 2010 05:48 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much hon, I´m glad you like it...Chris would never hurt Jared..
Jul. 27th, 2010 04:04 am (UTC)
I'm a stalkerish fan girl! *whoops*
Jul. 27th, 2010 07:15 am (UTC)
You are aren´t you;)
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