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Title: High school can be a cruel place, but……Part3
Author: pippii
Rating: PG
Word Count: 768
Warnings: A bit of sexin
Written for: JaredChris
Summary: High school AU…
A/N: audemus22 had sorsd flailing too so I blame everything on them.

It was Sunday and the weather was hot, way hotter than normal this time of year.
They were laying on towels on top of Jensen’s building, sweaty and bored. It was to hot to go to the mall or the movies, besides they didn’t have a lot of money..
Jared was feeling restless, just laying on a towel doing nothing was so not his thing…
“Why don’t we do something?” he asks, looking at Chris, Jensen and Steve.
“It’s to warm to move”, Jensen says, not even opening his eyes to look at him
“The only other thing to do is homework”, Steve pipes up, and that’s earning him a glare from the other three boys..
“D-d-don´t s-s-s-start C-Carlson”, Chris answers, sitting up and looking at Jared with a smile.
“G-g-got an i-i-i-idea,” he smiles, standing up and looking at the boys all looking at him now, “l-l-lake.”
“The lake”, Jared says, “that’s a great idea, we can have a picnic and swim.”
“A picnic?”, Jensen says, “well that is sooo romantic, what about me and Steve then?”
Jared blushes and looks down, “well I just meant, drinks and snacks and stuff…”
“S-s-s-stuff as c-c-candy”, Chris states, reaching his hand out to help his blushing boyfriend up.
Steve and Jensen get to their feet too, laughing at Chris statement, Jared and candy was inseparable.
“I’m sure mom has something we can have”, Jensen says, “we just need to raid the kitchen”.
“Great”, Jared answers, “lets go then.”

After Jensen and Jared have raided Jensen’s moms kitchen and gotten a backpack filled with chips, chokolate, red bull and cokes, they all get into Chris old car.
Chris is the only one of them that have a car, it is old and beat up, but Chris loves it…it gets them to where they want to go.

Twenty minutes later they are by the lake. It’s a small one, not really popular, as there is rumoured to be a corpse somewhere in the lake. The boys like it though, they can goof around there and just be themselves without judging eyes on them.

Jared is the first on his way to the water, dropping his t-shirt, shorts and flip-flops on his way, Steve and Chris hot on his heels.
Jensen took his time to get the backpack out of the car before getting into the water with the others.

The laze around in the water for a few minutes, splashing and laughing.
Chris then moves closer to Jared, moving his hands down Jared’s body and into his boxers. Jared’s breath hitches and he hisses; “Chris, there are other people here.”
Chris smirks at him moving his hands lower and calls out; “I-I-I’m g-g-g-gonna r-r-re-re-rem-rem-ove J-Jays b-b-boxers now”, making Jared blush all over and God isn’t that the most wonderful sight ever??
An “ewwwwwwww” comes in unison from Jensen and Steve, but they laugh and then continue to splash each other.

Jared tries to be cool about the whole thing, but he have no idea how experienced Chris is. Kissing and heavy make out sessions is the most they have done so far.
“Chris”, he starts as Chris moves his hands all the way down his boxers.
“Shhhhhh”, Chris whispers, kissing him and moving his hands closer to his cock, “I- I - I j-j-ju-just w-want -t-t-to…” he stops as Jared lets out a moan, that have Jensen and Steve look their way, and then hurriedly move father away.

Jared moves closer to Chris, wrapping his legs around Chris waist and putting his arms around Chris shoulders.
Chris just moves his hand up and down, and Jared hides his face in the crook of Chris neck, panting and squirming against Chris. “Shhh”, Chris whispers, “I-I-I-ve- g-got you d-d-dar-darling.”
“Ohhh God, ohhh my God”, Jared moans as he comes all over Chris hand, Chris just stroking him and kissing him soundly on the lips.
“I love you”, Jared whispers against Chris mouth, panting and coming down from his high.
“I-I-l-l-love-y-yooou t-t-too”, Chris says, wrapping his arms around Jared and kisses him again.

“Have you two finished?”, Steve yells, “Jen and I wants to get some snacks now, and were not eating while watching your porn show!”
Jared and Chris looks into each other eyes and laughs as Chris lets go of Jared and helps him pull his boxers up again.
“Come on”, Jared yells to Steve and Jensen, “lets eat.”
Steve and Jensen runs towards Jared and Chris and the four boys runs up to the car and the backpack, getting into the snacks and drinks, laughing and chatting as they always do.



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Jul. 7th, 2010 02:40 pm (UTC)
Jesus Christ this verse is so cute
Jul. 7th, 2010 04:32 pm (UTC)
Really, you think so???
Thank you so much hon, it means a lot to me that you like it.
I´m not that experienced at writing, but I have 3 verses, that I love to write;)
Thank you for reading.
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