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Author: pippii
Rating: PG
Word Count: 672
Warnings: None
Written for: JaredChris
Summary: High school AU…
A/N: I am helpless against audemus22 flailing, so this is all her fault, along with the rest of you that wanted more.
I’ve been thinking really hard about this part, and remembered something that happened to a friend of mine one time, and used that in this part….

Jared was kind of amazed that the entire house wasn’t on fire when he showed up at Chris and Steve’s place..
The front door was open and he could hear the sound of things being smashed into the wall as he entered.
The sound of smashing stopped for a second then continued..
“Chris, What´s going on??” Jared called as he entered the kitchen, and saw his boyfriend smashing plates into the wall.
Chris just glared at him, tears streaming down his face and his hair hanging into his eyes…
Jared took a step towards him, grappled the plate he was holding in one hand as he wrapped the other arm around the smaller man.
“Hey hey hey”, he said, putting the plate down on the table and using his now free hand to push Chris hair out of his face, “what on Earth is going on here?”
“I-I-I---I toooo-tooo--FUCK!” Chris almost screamed into Jared’s chest, his entire body shaking with rage and tears..
Jared felt sick…he never knew what to do or say when Chris behaved like that. He knew that someone had hurt Chris in some way, being mean to him about his stuttering, that was the only thing that could have Chris in a rage like that. But Jared felt helpless when it happened, never quite knew how to help him.
So he just enveloped Chris in his arms, stroked his hair and held him, until Chris calmed down a bit.
When Chris body stopped shaking so violently, Jared loosened his grip on him and pushed him gently in the direction of the sofa.
Chris went along his shoulders slumped in defeat, the sight breaking Jared’s heart just a little.
When they were both seated, Jared cradled Chris face in his hands and kissed him lovingly on the lips, feeling Chris relax against him.
When the kiss ended, Jared brushed his thumbs over Chris cheeks, feeling the moist on them. “What happened?” he asked, continuing to stroke Chris cheeks.
Chris took a deep breath and closed his eyes. “T-t-t- the phone” he began, not looking at Jared.
“Jens b-b-boss c-c-c-called….b-b-b-booo-bookings.”
“So Jensen’s boss wants to book you guys, that’s great right?” Jared asked.
Chris shook his head. “Yeah”, he breathed, taking another deep breath before continuing..”S-s-s-sttttt- Steve a-a-all--always…”.
Jared nodded his head, Steve usually made all the arrangements and bookings for the band, but he had some extra practise today, which meant that Chris was the one answering the phone when it rang.
“He h-hung up” Chris said, the pain in his voice so clear that Jared’s heart ached for him, “Said t-that he d-d-d-didn´t had t-t-time f-for f-f-freaks..”
Jared wrapped his arms around Chris, slowly rocking back and forth trying to comfort his boyfriend, while trying to calm down himself. He wanted nothing more than to get to the coffee shop and kill Jensen’s boss. No one hurt Chris as long as Jared was there to do anything about it.
Chris lifted his face to look into Jared’s eyes, tears still pooling in his.
“I love you”, Jared whispered kissing the tears from Chris eyes, “I love you.”
He kisses his way into Chris mouth feeling his tongue curling against his and feeling Chris breath hitch in his throat as he tries to take control over the kiss.
When they break for air, Chris grabs Jared face in his hands and looks into his eyes.
“I…..looove….youuuu”, he whispers and Jared’s face splits into a wide grin.
He never quite understand how he was lucky enough to get such a great boyfriend as Chris, but he know that he will do anything to make him safe and happy.
The first thing on that list is going to the coffee shop and tell Jensen’s boss which body parts he will loose slow and painfully if he ever treats Chris this way again.
The second is to make sure that Steve’s cell phone number will be the only number on the posters and flyers they put up to get more gigs.


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