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Part two “The coffee date”
Author: pippii
Rating: PG
Word Count: 978
Warnings: None
Written for: Challenge #3 at JaredChris
Prompts: ”Palm-tree” and ”sand”
Summary: Coffee can lead to……problems??

”What’s wrong with this one”, Jared asked in a desperate voice.
He have been trying outfits for the last two hours and no matter what he put on his two best friends, Billie and Angela, had turned it down.
He knew the girls would be trouble the moment he told them about his date with Chris Cane.
He had almost thrown himself at Angela when he got home from work as she was the first one he saw, getting a smirk from Billie before the question he knew she would ask; ”So Jay, who is he?”.
When he had told them Chris name, the girls had spend what seemed like ten minutes squealing and jumping up and down with him, until they had calmed down and pronounced themselves his personal dressers.
That was why Jared was standing in front of his mirror in Jeans and a rather nice blue t-shirt, looking slightly desperate at his friends that sat on his bed and just gaped at him.
”Nothing’s wrong”, Billie said, ”this is perfect, you look amazing Jay.”
Angela nodded at her words and Jared’s face split in a grin; ”Cool, so I’m good to go now”, he asked heading for the door.
The girls ran up to him, kissed him and wished him luck and finally let him out of the door.

Chris was sitting at a table underneath a palm-tree. He liked the coffee place here, the sand and palm-trees making it feel like having a vacation.
It was Steve’s and he was expanding the look, that was why they had been fish hunting today.
He felt a little worried though..he´ve just met the kid that day at the FISH-O-RAMA.
He normally didn’t pick up guys like that, but there was something about that kid that spoke to him..not to mention the fact that he had a copy of Chris´ magazine in the drawer.

A rather girly scream had Chris focus on his surroundings, looking at the patio above him.
The kid, Jared laid there, sprawled under a palm-tree.

Jared wanted noting else than to sink into the ground and disappearing right now.
He laid there, sprawled under a palm-tree feeling like the worlds biggest idiot.
Why oh why was that palm-tree there, he thought as he picked himself of off the ground with as much dignity as he could muster.
He blushed a crimson red though at the sight of Chris, making his way towards him.
“Hey”, Jared murmured, trying to get the sand off of his jeans.
“Hey yourself”, Chris smiles grabbing Jared had and leading him carefully down to their small table.
“Glad you could be here”, Chris says and Jared felt so much better by the words, until he saw the guy moving towards them, a big grin on his face. It was Chris` friend, the guy he had landed on at the shop.
Chris saw the frown on Jared’s face and hurriedly said;” That’s Steve, my best friend, it is his place and he makes the best coffee in the world.”
Steve stopped beside Chris, clapped him on the shoulder, then held his hand out to Jared that took it and shook it.
“Nice to see you in an upright position”, Steve says and gets a slap in the stomach from Chris.
“Nice to see you”, Jared murmurs, blushes and buries his nose in the coffee menu.
“What do you like?” Chris asks, and Jared just about slams his mouth shot before the words, “you sprawled out under me”, comes out.
“I’d like a Southern Turtle”, he answers handing the menu to Steve
Chris laughs and looks at Steve; “Black”, he says and Steve moves away shaking his head at them.
Jared squirms a little on his stool and try not to stare at Chris.
He is wearing jeans and a t-shirt, that fits all the right places on his broad torso, reminding Jared that he is just a scrawny kid and that Chris is way out of his league.

“So,” Chris says after Steve put their drinks down on the table and left again.
Jared looks at him over the raised glass of Southern Turtle, “So” he replies and takes a sip of his Turtle. Chris is smirking at the picture in front of him and Jared blushed once again…he should have ordered a black coffee like Chris, but had to go and order this cold sweet girly thing..epic fail.
“So“, Chris says again taking a sip of his own coffee; “I know that you like extremely sweet, flavoured coffee, gets bit by goldfish, have a thing for me and blush a lot….but who are you really?”
“ohmmmm”, Jared try to answer, but almost chokes on his coffee thingy and after Chris slapped him on the back and the blush have left his cheeks, he says; “I’m just a big clumsy dork, that cannot even drink a cup of coffee with out embarrass myself in front of the man of my dreams…….” Jared’s voice evens out as the sound of his words reach his ears and he stands.
“I’m sorry, I have to go..”
Before he gets far, he feels a hand on his wrist and Chris stands beside him.
“I would really like to have dinner with a big clumsy dork”, he says, lips so close to Jared’s ear that his breath makes Jared shiver, “my place tomorrow?”.
Jared nods and turns his head in time to catch Chris´ lips in a soft kiss that had Jared floating on cloud nine all night.
Jared actually enjoys the way that Angela and Billie spends 30 minutes squealing and making plans for his wardrobe when he gets home and tell them…
Then he goes to his bedroom, pulls out the Player Magazine from under his pillow, licks his lips and remember Chris` lips on his, and makes himself comfortable on his bed.


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