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Author: pippii
Rating: PG
Word Count: 696
Warnings: None, except a copy of the Player Magazine cover at the end of the fic;)
Written for: Challenge #3 at JaredChris
Prompts: ”Fish” and ”First aid-kit”
Summary: He hates fish but likes the new costumer

Jared despised fish, so why he ever got a job in DIANE’S FISH-O-RAMA, was beyond him.
Well he wanted to be a vet someday, and he needed a job after he finished school and Diane was a friend of his Moms so maybe that’s why.
But fish…they were boring, they didn’t do anything. You couldn’t play with them as you could with dogs.
Ok there were some pretty ones, the exotic ones, but again, all they did was…well swim round and round and round and…..
Jared snapped out his drifting state when the bell over the door started ringing.
Two guys walked in and Jared started walking towards them with his best what-can-I-do-for-you smile on his face, but suddenly stopped in his tracks, just standing there eyes bulging out of his head and gaping like a, well a fish.
That guy there the shorter dark-haired guy it was HIM!!!!! Chris Kane that had been on the cover of the latest issue of Player Magazine. Jared had a copy hidden in the counter desk here in the shop, a copy under his pillow and one in his bathroom.
The two men started laughing at something and that shook Jared out of his daze.
He walked towards them again, trying to think of something to say, when Chris looked up at him and smiled. That made Jared stumble over his feet and crash into Chris` friend.
“WHOA”, the guy cried out before he landed on the floor with Jared on top.
Jared closed his eyes for a second and prayed for the floor to open and swallow him. It didn’t happen when he felt a hand on his arm dragging him up, and Chris` amused voice; “Don’t bother, Steve doesn’t swing that way.”
The other guy Steve, started laughing as Jared, red faced and close to tears scrambled to his feet.
“I’m sorry, I’m so so sorry, I’m so sorry……”.
“That’s ok, kid”, Chris said as he helped Steve up from the floor, and then turned to Jared.
“We need some fish, some big goldfish for an outdoor fish tank.”
“Sure….ahm.. This way”, Jared murmured and let them over to the fish tank, “we have some pretty yellow and orange fish here.”
He leaned against the tank, running a hand through the water and tried to look casual and maybe save a little dignity around Chris.
Taking a deep breath he moved his fingers in the water, smiled at Chris and “OUCH”, he screamed holding his bleeding finger up in the air and starring at it incredulously. He’s gotten bitten by a goldfish.
He felt his face go impossible red and through the blood pounding in his ears, he heard Steve’s roar of laughter, before he signalled to Chris that he was going outside for a while.
Jared could feel tears prickle in his eyes. He felt completely humiliated and that right in front of his first big crush. He turned his back to Chris as he felt a couple of tears running down his cheeks, but stopped as he felt a hand on his arm and a soft voice saying;” Hey kid, you got a first aid-kit in here somewhere?”
“In the counter drawer”.
He followed Chris to the counter and watched him open the drawer, and then stop his movements as his eyes landed at the copy of Player Magazine that Jared had hid there.
“That’s ehmmm that’s not mine…..that’s Diane’s” Jared stammered, well aware that Chris could see right through his pathetic lie.
Jared looked at Chris as the other man put the first aid-kit on the counter and took Jared’s hand in his.
The soft caress of Chris` thump over Jared’s palm had Jared shivering.
Chris gently cleaned and bandaged Jared’s finger, then asked; “So does Diane like me?”, as he pressed a soft kiss to Jared’s finger.
Jared nodded weakly.
“Hmmm…do you think Diane, wants to go and have a cup of coffee after work?”
Another nod.
“Cool”, Chris said with a smile then ran his hand through Jared’s hair, “Just one more thing then.”
“What” Jared asked in a voice that trembled more than ever before.
“What´s your name, Diane?”



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May. 1st, 2010 10:05 am (UTC)
You did a great work with the promt. It really surprised me (is not a paring I usually rea) and like Jared fishes are nice but boring, you can play with them. But Jared's reaction was great and the fish biting him I laughed so hard. The poor guy is going to have problems drinking his coffee with Chris there. Thanks for share I enjoyed it. *big hug*
May. 1st, 2010 02:56 pm (UTC)
Poor Jared he just wants to impress Chris and then he gets bitten by a gold fish;)
I´m trying to write the coffee date and hope it works out well.
Thank you so much for reading and commenting honey.
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