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Title: The Tour part two
Author: pippii
Rating: PG
Word Count: 635
Warnings: Don´t worry…….
Prompt(s): A sequel to ”Wedding planner”, ”The Wedding day”, ”the tour part one” and ”Interlude”
Summary: We all know what we want….don´t we??
A/N: As I’ve hurt Steve so much in the past two updates I wanted him to have a good time, so this is for my Italian and Swiss girls, I hope you like it..

The next gigs in the next few towns went well.
Still it was small towns with one-hotel-and-a-bar-jobs but it worked out fine.
Steve didn’t talk about going solo anymore, one thing that Chris was grateful for..as much as he loved Jared the boy couldn’t carry a tune if his life depended on it. Second thing was that Chris relied on Steve when they played…he knew exactly what Chris was in the mood for and he delivered.
The best thing for Chris was that Jared didn’t deny him anything anymore now that he made up with Steve, and that made everything so much better.

They have toured for six weeks now, entering Virginia and all the small towns there.
It was kind of cosy the way it all played out..
They played in a town for a week, having two rooms - thank you very much on Steve’s part - and then off to another town.

The next town turned out to be just as small and cosy as the rest had been.

They found the hotel/bar and got their rooms.
”See you later”, Chris yelled at Steve before he dragged a blushing Jared into the room and locked the door.
Steve just rolled his eyes and started getting everything ready for the evening gig.
He smiled at the cute brunette standing in the doorway looking at him and somewhere in the back of his mind thought he had seen her before. But the next time he looked over at the door she was gone and he thought nothing more of it.

That evening the bar was packed and the bar owner could not be any happier if he tried.
They both gave all they had in them, and the crowd loved it.
Jared was sitting at a table close to the small scene smiling and beaming at Chris. Chris shook his head a bit after looking into Jared eyes and the obvious love and adoration he saw there. He needed to talk to him after the gig.
When he turned around he saw Steve smiling and starring into the crowd. His eyes landed on a brunette standing close to the scene and Chris smirked at the look in Steve’s eyes, he was sure Steve would have a great time after they finished.

Around midnight the bar was getting empty and Chris was ready to drag Jared back to the room, to talk he reminded himself.
Steve had left half and hour before - with the brunette. After Steve’s blushing explanation about how the girl had been to concerts in some of the other small towns and how he really wanted to talk to her - Chris had snorted at that, earning him a smack over the head from Steve, Chris had told him to go, he would pack up the gear.

”Where’s Steve?”, Jared asked when he saw Chris alone at the stage.
”He got otherwise occupied”, Chris said with a smile.
”ohhhhhh……that cute brunette girl”, Jared said.
"Her name is Barbara or Tanja or something like that", Chris answered, packing away the last few thing and joining Jared at the table in the empty bar, ”apparently she is Steve’s groupie.”
”You’re just jealous that Steve has a groupie”, Jared said, blushing a little and looking at a spot at the table that was way more interesting than Chris.
Chris put his hands on either side of Jared head, and made Jared look him in the eye. ”Now why would I be jealous, when I have my very own brunette starring at me in awe every evening?”, he asked before kissing Jared.
Jared just kissed him back, running his hands through Chris` hair and down his back.
”Lets get back to the room”, he whispered and stood, pulling at Chris` hand.
”Yeah…we…we need to talk”……



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Apr. 23rd, 2010 09:59 am (UTC)
OMG AWWWWWWW you are soooo Awesome *blushes*
I feel soo honored that you put me in your fanfiction.
I mean no one ever done that and it's soooo sweet
Thank you soo much, god I am really touched.
And I love your writing style!!!
Thank you sweetheart
Apr. 23rd, 2010 11:21 am (UTC)
Awww thank you soooo much sweetheart♥
Well you´ve been so awesome to me, so I wanted to pay back a little....and Steve needs a sweet girl after what I put him through in the previous chapters;)
I´m so glad you like my writing, I don´t write that much and I get sooooo nervous when I post it.
May. 6th, 2010 08:31 am (UTC)
Heehee, det her er da ingenting å le av, du skriver så godt!! Jeg elsker din Chris og Jared de er da bare så søde...

Og så sjovt at Steve har én groupie, hehe.

May. 6th, 2010 08:47 am (UTC)
Aww tusind tak søde...når jeg skrive vil jeg så gerne have at du og Dix kan lide det....
Jeg synes Steve fortjener en groupie efter hvad jeg har trukket ham igennem i de sidste afsnit, stakkels fyr;)
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