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Yesterday I got a text from Sarah saying; Call, I have exiting news!! So I did;)
She then told me she gets Easter vacation next Friday and wanted to come spend some time with me. She plans on coming Sunday afternoon and staying until Wednesday evening, and no surprise it was fine by me;)
She then started planning the meals we would cook, four dinners and three breakfasts, and all the fun things we will do, so that’s wonderful news…

Today I went to my social worker for her to sign the note that would give me the extra money and went to the office where they deal with that. The guy took one look at it and told me the money would be on my account later this week, so that was easy…
My Mum was with me as we planned on having a shopping trip too. First I went to the Care shop to get the compression sleeve fitted. It was not a big deal, the lady measured my arm and wrote down the numbers on a chart to be send to the factory that makes them. I’ll get it with in 10 to 12 days. And they are not sexy at all, as here in Denmark they only come in flesh coloured.
The problem was that I needed a spare sleeve and a glove too, and they didn’t have an application for those. So I had to write my doctor when I got home and have him write the municipality for those. I don’t think it will be a problem though, as I need them.

We went for coffee next and then I bought a new dress on sale and two pairs of shoes for our boys in Bosnia as they are getting the parcel in April and need shoes.

That’s all folks, Hugs♥
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