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First thank you so much to all of you for all your kind words on my last post, it made me feel so much better.

Yesterday I received two letters that cheered me up in all this.

The first one was the a letter from the municipality, telling me that my applying for the compression sleeve was given. So now I just have to go in on Monday to get it fitted and then I will get two sleeves every 6 month for the rest of my life…maybe I can get on ordinary for every day and one fancy one for parties;)

The second letter was from my former employer telling me that I had money worth a week of vacation from 2008. I just need a signature from my social worker and then I’ll get 6000 dkr - or 800 dollars - extra next month….that can cheer everyone up right??

Otherwise I’ve been working on jewellery for the Autism Awareness Day April 2nd, bracelets and Guardian Angels. I hope that people will like them. My first idea was to just give them to anyone replying on my post but I’ve been thinking about asking for a small donation to some Autism site too….what do you think????

And I got my new lamps;) See what you like….

The one over my Dining table, we made it into a candle lamp;)

The lamp over my PC;)

Tonight I’m having my parents up for dinner, so I’ve been rather busy today..

I think that’s all for now..
Tags: cancer, family, random
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