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I’ve been a little depressed.
At my check up last Wednesday I was told that I’ve developed a lymph oedema in my arm.
I thought I was being careful while using it, but not enough. So I talked to my physiotherapist and she told me to apply for a compression sleeve through my doctor. Then I get it free. Otherwise I have to pay myself and you need to change them every 6 month for the rest of your life…

really sexy right??

My doctor send it to the municipality Monday, so within the next weeks I get it I hope.
The depressing thing is that it sort of hit me that I really am disabled. I need to apply for things to help me through daily life and I have lot of new things that I will not be able to do as well as before.
My Mum said yesterday that she will come once a week to help me clean. I can apply for help from the municipality, but that will be maybe 1½ hour every two week and to tell the truth I would rather have her. Then I can buy something for her once a month as a thank you.
I get what I need and I have amazing parents that do everything for me, but even then I felt depressed and a bit sorry for myself…but since I never feel sorry for myself I think I’m intituled to it once in a while………
But don’t worry I’m feeling better by today;)
♥love you♥



Mar. 19th, 2010 08:57 am (UTC)
Thank you
♥Hugs back♥

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