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garvaldmains AND silverstrings MADE ME WRITE IT

Title: The Wedding day
Author: pippii
Rating: PG
Word Count: 627
Warnings: No beta
Prompt(s): A sequel to ”Wedding planner” written from that prompt.
Summary: The big day has arrived
A/N: garvaldmains, silverstrings poked me while they were here, and demanded I write the wedding too…they were also incredible sweet and told me they liked my writing;)
A/N1: I know I changed some of the lyrics from the song, but it had to fit the situation.

Three weeks later found Chris in a state of hysteria and panic. He was pacing up and down the floor in the master bedroom, while Jensen was sitting on the bed, trying his best not to laugh.
“Why are you still here“, Chris scowled, trying to tie the necktie around his neck and almost strangling himself in the process.
Jensen got up from the bed and grabed Chris´ arm; “Stay”, he ordered and began tying Chris` tie, “I’m here because Jared wants to marry you, and you’re no god if you’re hysterical…..or dead”.
“That’s it, why on Earth does he want to marry me”?
Jensen starred at him; “WHAT!”
“He is so sweet, and gorgeous and talented and loving and adorable”, Chris rambled, “and…and…and lovely and………..young”, he ended in a whisper.
Jensen made a I-don’t-believe-you-just-said-that noise, and glared at Chris; “He is young, that is your concern..the fact that he loves you more than anything in the whole wide world, and his entire world rotates around you doesn’t matter???”
“Errrrrmmmmm……..well maybe a little, it’s just I love him so much and I don’t want anything bad to ever happen, or for him to discover that marrying me was a mistake.”
Jensen shook his head and laughed a little; “Don’t worry that would never happen. Steve, Danneel and Tom already made a pact that they will get to kill you if you ever hurt Jared.”
Chris laughed a little, and it seemed that the hysteria and panic wore out.
He took a deep breath and said; “Well let’s get this show on the road.”

The ceremony was short and sweet, ending with Gen, Sophia and Mike in happy tears and Tom and Danneel making catcalls when the newlywed kissed.
The barbecue was perfect, the right amount of meat, potatoes and beer, and two bowls of “rabbit food” that Mike and Sophia ate most of to much mocking from Chad.

The stereo was playing and everybody was dancing. Jared and Chris almost lost in each others eyes swaying on the spot to some tune only they could hear.
“I love you”, Jared whispered, leaning his forehead to Chris`, “and I will never ever regret marrying an old man.”
Chris looked up at him, smiling. “Jensen told you, huh”?
“Yes, but only because I made him”, Jared said, spinning Chris so his back was against Jared’s chest, and at the same time gesturing to Steve to turn of the stereo.
With everybody’s eyes were on the happy couple Jared started to sing, sweet and low and as much in tune as three days of rehearsing with Jensen would let him:

“You know I like your spunk,
and I like your pride,
so I will be here standing by your side,
and I guess it´s true we have to see the simple fact,
that opposites oh yes opposites attracts.”

Tom, Chad and Jensen were clapping, Gen and Mike were whistling, and Steve, Sophia and Danneel were jumping up and down and yelling, so no one heard the words that Jared whispered in Chris´ ear as he brushed his tears away and leaned down to kiss him.

But they all saw when Jared and Chris slipped into the house and down the hall towards the bedroom, Chris` hands all over Jared’s body, trying to free him of his shirt and jeans.

Steve sighed and turned to Jensen and Chad; “I have to go on tour with that lovesick cowboy and his hubby tomorrow”, he said looking miserably, “I think I’ll just go drown myself in the creek now.”

Jensen laughed and slung an arm around Steve’s shoulders as Chad turned up the stereo to block out the noises from the bedroom.
“You’ll be fine”, he yelled to Steve, “just remember the earplugs.”



Feb. 22nd, 2010 04:33 pm (UTC)
OMG... what did she prompt??? Goes to see....
Feb. 22nd, 2010 06:23 pm (UTC)
Ellys prompt, I hope you like it....

nu er det neste en historie fra bryllupsturneen, måske Jared og Steve ornder en overraskelse til Chris et sted eller Chris dedikerer en sang til jared fra scenen....

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