Breast Cancer

Update on me

Friday 22 our grocery store, KIWI, closed down.
They sold everything off at 50% off.
Mum and I went and bought some stuff for Pink Saturday.
We managed to get coffee for Pink Saturday, as Thomas (the boss) found the last two packs of good coffee, and donated it to us ♥We bought tea, napkins and soft drinks,
It will open as a SPAR next Saturday, the 7th.
Last Saturday, Mum and I went on the bus and went to Viborg, where Sis, nieces, new BIL and bonus nieces, moved during the summer. Rebecca turned 15 on the 20th, and we we went to celebrate. Rebecca and Benedicte was excited about Pink Saturday, they will come and sell coffee, buns and cakes.
The past we have been so busy, with Pink Saturday. Some of our sellers have pulled out, so I need to find people for 4 people until next Saturday.
I am not sure if this is appropriate; but if any of you want to contribute with money to our cause, you can pay to my PAYPAL at and I will send you a “Sarah Bjoern” “Pink Saturday original drawing numbered” – as you know Sarah IS TRULY amazing with her drawings.
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It went well. Now I have a doctor that listens and take her time.

My cough has dissapeard due to some different medication.

I told Susan about the appointment I`ve gotten at the dermatologist on Nov 7, about it starting in March and it is getting worse and worse.
Susan took one look at the massive inflamed patches on my back and shoulders, and said she would give the dermatologist a call and make him take me in sooner.

She also made an appointment for my yearly mammogram.

I felt it was a great appointment today.




Where Thomas could be fired or jailed because of kissing Jimmy.
Thea (10 y.o) is watching it with Mum and me this Tuesday.

I try to explain the situations in the episodes for her, as she has never watched it before;

Like; Why Ms. O`Brien is being mean to Thomas
Why Mr. Carson don`t like Mrs. Hughes knowing what Thomas “is”
What Thomas tells Mr. Bates so he knows about MS O`Brien and can blackmail her.
Why Thomas get to stay, and why Jimmy take back the mean things he had said about Thomas.

Then we get to the end of the episode; Thomas and Tom helped Downton win the Cricket Match, Thomas was named Under Butler and Jimmy First Footman...

Then Thea look at Mum and me and says:

“Was that dirty and mean MS. O`Brian ready to ruin Thomas` life, just because Thomas is a boy and he kissed Jimmy that also is a boy? She is the most HORRIBLE woman! I am SO happy that Thomas was not fired!!

Therefore, fear not; the next generation will support Gay Rights ;)
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On Sunday, Mum and I went to the Restaurant FLAMMEN (The Flame) for dinner at six.
Without Mum knowing, I had invited Sarah too.
She was waiting for us as we arrived and Mum was on cloud nine. She was so happy to have Sarah there.
We had a great meal – lots of meats, different potatoes, breads and a wonderful salad bar.

Mum was pleased with her gift card for the knitting book of Superheroes that I had made out from Sarah, Thea and myself.

Mum told many stories including her and Dad, and Sarah enjoyed them.

Sarah got some tricks from Mum, how to woe a boy and such ;)

After dinner, we caught a bus and BRO picked Sarah up at Hellevangen.
It was a great evening.

Monday Thea came to stay with Mum...

We spoke on the phone and for Tuesday, I was to bring the remedies for chopped steak, potatoes, béarnaise sauce, different onions and dressings for dinner.

We all had a great afternoon/evening.
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We have always celebrated their engagement day as well as their wedding day, and that has not stopped because my Dad passed away 7 years ago.
On Sunday, I have invited Mum for dinner at a stake restaurant named FLAMMEN (The Flame)

We went on my birthday too.

As a surprise for Mum, I have invited Sarah too; I know Mum will love to spend time with here there.

I also have ordered a knitting book, about knitting Superheroes from us ;)



About two weeks ago Mum and I spend 5 hours cleaning out stuff at my apartment.

8 big black sacks to throw out, some to keep here, and a lot of toys, bags, cloths and other stuff to donate to Mette and Soren – the two wonderful persons that deliver vegetables and fruit to us once a week.

Sunday 11th, we went for coffee at their home. Soren picked us up at two, along with the bags we had for them.
We spend 3 great hours at their house, getting to know each other better.

Mette donated six crocheted hats for us to sell on “Pink Saturday”. She also volunteered to help us clean up after “Pink Saturday”.

They have five children, but we have only met the two youngest, Praise 20 years old and Samuel, 17 years old. They are the sweetest kids so compassionate and kind.

Before we left Mette prayed for Mum and me. It really got to me. I am a Christian, been baptized and confirmated, going to Church occasionally, but never been overly religious. However, when someone actually touch me and pray for Mum and me it get to me.

They had had an article in one of the popular weekly magasins.

Today Mette called and said they had two boxes of vegetables and fruit for us. It turned out there were also chips, sodas and flowers.

They left with two bags of everyday household articles that Mum and I had bought for them to give away.


For a week or so, Mum had pain in her left leg.

It looked like her blood veins were swollen in places.

She went to the doctor, and he told her, that she have had some small blood clots in her leg.

It haven´t done any damage, and the doctor said it would disappear.

So nothing to worry about.
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My niece Thea turned 10 on May 22.
Mum and I was invited to her b-day party last Saturday.

Thea got some money and some Harry Potter collectables as a gift from us.

That same day, her football- soccer – team was playing. They had made it all the way to the medal round, and she had to leave at one point to play for Gold and Silver.

Sarah, Mum and I stayed back and had a great time; just talking with Sarah without interference was amazing.

Thea came back with a Silver medal (and her team had won another silver medal the past Saturday)

Therefore, we celebrated and had a good time.


Had an appointment today with Doc Susan.

What happened;

The blood pressure readings I`ve done three days last week was fine.
My bloodwork and urine was perfect.

My cholesterol is a little high – it is genetic, so I will change my diet for three months.
Then new blood tests and if that doesn`t work out we will have a talk to see if I need medication.

As for the coughing – x-rays and blood work was fine.

Susan went over my medication, as she wrote out new prescriptions, and found that my blood reassure medication can cause coughing.
She changed it, and I have to report in a couple of months. If I still cough then, I will go to the lung medication unit for tests.

I also got some liquid crème for the sores I have on my scalp, as the one I have for my neck, back and face, doesn`t apply to hair.

I got almost 30 minutes, and both Mum and I were more than happy when we left.