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So it seemed that all I needed to finish this fic, was a day where I was snowed in.
I am posting the entire story, because it have been so long, so you probably don`t remember it.

I`ll like to thank x_posed_again for being so supportive and insisting of this story. Thanks hon!!

But as always " No beta, no owe"


Marcus Flint scowled.
He had not been sick since he was a child, and now he was lying here in his bed sick as a hippogriff.
His bedroom was small, as was the flat that he rented cheaply. Being a reserve chaser with only Hogwarts experience did not earn you a whole lot of galleons.
Tomorrow Marcus would turn 21, and he hoped that would earn him a starting position at the team, The Falmouth Falcons. He was a great chaser, and he had played the last game against Puddlemere - and Oliver….
Oliver Wood was the reserve keeper at Puddlemere, and by some struck of faith they had both been on their respective teams two days ago. Playing against each other made them feel like school rivals again - except that Marcus felt something else when he saw Oliver. He felt sick to his stomach, his head began to hurt and his heart started to beat in his chest as if it was about to burst out.
He had felt sick all through the game - which Puddlemere won 280-70 because Marcus was unable to score against Oliver.
After the game they had had to do interviews, and Marcus felt hot and flushed, sweating, stammering and unable to meet Oliver’s gaze.
He went straight home to bed afterwards, and had not left it for two days, except to use the bathroom.
He had just awoken when he heard a pop from inside the living room.
Someone had Apperated into his flat and came into the bedroom.
It was Adrian Pucey.
“What are you still doing in bed?” he asked looking at Marcus.
“I am sick, you know,” Marcus replied, feeling hurt that his friend ignored the fact that his was almost on his deathbed.
“You are not sick, you are in love”, Adrian said softly, coursing Marcus to nearly fall out of bed.
“WHAT - I am NOT in love,” Marcus gasped as if the mere thought made him even sicker than he was.
“Of course you are,“ Adrian said, “It was so obvious at the game that the entire world can see it.”
“With whom am I in love with then?” Marcus asked, trying to sound casual.
Adrian glared at him; “With Oliver Wood of course” he said speaking as if Marcus was a dim witted child. ” Everyone had known it for years…Some said he was the reason you repeated seventh year.”
“WHAT” Marcus roared, and struggled to get out of bed, fully intending to hit Adrian when he got his hands on him.
“When I first discovered my feelings for Terry it was the same, I felt hot, had a stomach ace, could not sleep” Adrian answered, dancing out of Marcus` reach.
“We both felt sick, but that day in the showers we found out it was just because we were in love.”
Marcus winced at the memory, he did NOT need to be remembered about the time he walked in on Adrian and Terry in the broom shed. The sight of the two naked boys shagging in the showers was burnt into his eyeballs forever.
“Why don`t you just go away, and leave me to die on my own”, Marcus rambled, trying hard to ignore the images of Oliver that kept flashing into his brain. Oliver at the pitch covered in mud, Oliver at breakfast in the Great Hall laughing with his friends, Oliver sitting in front of him at class, his soft hair and neck exposed for Marcus to glare at, Oliver naked in Marcus` bed….Marcus gasped loudly, where did THAT come from???
“You are not going to die, and I will be back later”, Adrian smiled and left.
Marcus fell onto his bed, the image of the naked Oliver still on his mind.
Oliver’s firm, lean body, the ripping muscles, the broad chest with dark nipples, the hard cock……
Marcus gave a roar of frustration, this was all Adrian’s fault. Just because Adrian and Terry were gay and happy with each other did not mean that he, Marcus, was gay.
Marcus crawled under the blankets and closed his eyes. He was sick, that was all, and Adrian was NOT going to ruin that.

Oliver Wood felt good about himself. He was 20 years old, a reserve keeper at the best Quidditch-team in the world, had his own fan club, and a beautiful “girl-friend” to show to the world when he needed it.
Katie Bell had been Oliver’s friend since her second year at Hogwarts and now she had left school to.
Katie was a great girl, and Oliver loved her dearly - as a friend. Long ago he told Katie that “girls did not do it for him” and she understood. She had hugged him, and kissed him - and Oliver was such a good friend that he kissed her back, he thought Katie would appreciate that, and she did - and told him that she loved him for his friendship, and that they would be friends forever.
She had been his date for the last two years, and she new his deepest secret;
Oliver Wood was in love with Marcus Flint.
He had loved Marcus from the first day they fought on the quidditch pitch after a game. Gryffindor had won, and Marcus was accusing them of cheating. Oliver had laught at him - no one cheated more than Flint, - and Marcus had split his lip with his fist. Oliver had seen the heat in Marcus` eyes, and felt a sudden urge to kiss him. He had not done that, obviously, but ever since that day he just knew…He was in love with the enemy.
Oliver was in the kitchen when he heard a pop from inside the living room.
Someone had Apperated into his flat.
It was Adrian Pucey.
Oliver starred at him his mouth hanging open; “What are YOU doing here?”, he asked looking at Adrian with a suspicious look in his eyes.
“I need a cup of coffee” Adrian said, “and a favour.”
“Why would I help you with anything” Oliver asked, flicking his wand and sending a tray with coffee mugs and biscuits Adrian’s way after taking a mug himself.
He looked at Adrian with a suspicious look in his eyes. It was not as they were ever friends.
“I need you as a birthday present” Adrian said with a smile, coursing Oliver to choke on his coffee.
“WHAT”, he spluttered, starring at Adrian as if he had gone completely mad.
Adrian moved towards Oliver, making Oliver back away from him and starring at him as if he was afraid that he would attack.
Adrian grinned at him; “I am not mad or dangerous”, he said smiling a smile that gave Oliver a funny feeling in his lower abdomen.
“I..I..I..well..I..I…I” Oliver stammered, “what do you want from me?”
“You know I’m gay?” Adrian asked, “and that I’m with Terry Higgs?”
“Well, yes” Oliver answered bewildered, not quite sure where this was going.
Adrian and Terry was hardly a secret.
“It takes one to know one,” Adrian smiled, “and I know that you are gay.”
Oliver protested wildly. “I’m not,” he roared, “I have a girlfriend, Katie…Katie Bell, she is my….”
Adrian cut him of midsentence; ”I want to give you to Marcus Flint for his twenty-first birthday tomorrow!!”

Marcus hated birthdays. His parents never remembered his, not even when he was a child.
He did not expect any owls with cards or presents or any visitors or anything, and got very surprised as an owl entered the open window and landed right on the bed.
The owl had a letter from Adrian:
Dear Marcus;
Take a shower, we have the best present you will ever get.
We will be there at seven tonight.
Love Adrian and Terry…
Marcus looked at the owl with a suspicious look in his eyes. Bloody Adrian was up to something, he was sure of it. And Terry was in on it too, because Terry loved Adrian, and went along with everything that bloody git did.
Marcus put the letter on the bedside table and fell asleep.

At six-thirty, Marcus awoke from the pecking beak of an very insistent owl carrying a note saying;
Get your lazy ass into the shower Marcus, we’ll be there in 30 minutes, Love A and T

Marcus scowled, but went into the showers and got dressed in a t-shirt and a pair of jeans, just as he heard knocking at the front door.
When he answered, he saw Adrian and Terry standing out side looking happy.
“Happy Birthday”, they cheered.
“What ever”, Marcus murmured and let them in.
“We’ve got you a present”, Terry said happily.
“Great” Marcus growled, “just give it to me, and let’s get this over with.”
“No,” Adrian said smirking, “you need to go into your bed close your eyes and watt.”
Marcus glared at the to boys; “Are you insane?” He asked.
“Just humour us, Marcus,” Adrian replied and pushed Marcus towards his bedroom.
“If this involves pixies, boggarts or veelas, I will bleeding kill both of you.” Marcus growled, but did what he was told.
He heard the front door open and someone - or something - entered his apartment.
He heard whispers and then Terry’s voice; “Are you on the bed with your eyes closed?
“Yes” Marcus lied, lying on the bed but with no intension on closing his eyes.
Terry’s head peeked into the room, and Marcus saw a frown on his face.
All right, he thought and closed his eyes.
He heard movements and felt the presence of other people in the bedroom.
“Hurry up” he said, but kept his eyes closed.
Then he felt hands on both his ankles and one of his wrists. He snapped his eyes open and starred right into - Oliver’s face. Oliver was tying his wrist to the bedpost with a bright red ribbon.
Words failed Marcus. He starred at Oliver who was wearing nothing but red boxers and a big red bowtie around his neck. Then Oliver leaned over and tied Marcus` other hand.
Marcus gaped and heard Adrian and Terry giggle, and suddenly Marcus found his voice.
“What the fuck is going on here?” he roared, “why is there a more than half naked Puddlemere keeper in my bedroom, and why am I tied to the bed?!
Adrian burst into laughter: “Happy birthday, Marcus” he laughed, grabbed Terry’s hand and left. Marcus heard the front door open and close again.
Then Marcus tried to free his hands, but those twats had done a good job on the ribbons.
He finally turned his attention to Oliver, who stood looking awkward beside the bed.
“What is going on?” Marcus demanded.
“I..I..ithinkiamyourbirthdaypresent” Oliver rambled.
Marcus starred at him;” What?”
“I think I am your birthday present” Oliver repeated a little slower this time.
“Those two stupid gits gives me a naked man for my birthday” Marcus asked, “what on earth makes them think I want that?”
Olivers cheeks flushed bright pink and he turned his back to Marcus before saying; “They told me you are in love with me and that you wanted me,” he mumbled, “and since I have fancied you from the first time you hit me back at school I wanted to see if they were telling the truth.”
Marcus gasped. Had Oliver Wood just told him that he loved him? He could not have…”Well they were lying.” Marcus said but his voice were weak as watched Olivers back. Oliver turned around with a smug look on his face and Marcus starred into his beautiful brown eyes.
Marcus winched and looked away, and Oliver smiled and climbed on to the bed straddling Marcus` hips.
“I don`t think so” he whispered, running his hands under Marcus` t-shirt and feeling his firm stomach.
“But this way I have a chance to find out”, he purred, “and if they were lying you just have another reason to hate me.”
Before Marcus could reply Oliver reached for Marcus` wand and with one flick of his wrist Marcus was naked except for the ribbons.
Oliver gaped at the sight for a moment then moved his hands down Marcus` chest, brushing his fingertips over Marcus nipples. Marcus moaned at the feeling and Oliver smiled moving his face close to Marcus`.
He starred into Marcus eyes for a second then lowered his lips down on the other mans. Licking his lips he pressed his mouth to Marcus` and kissed him.
Marcus moaned at the feeling and opened his mouth allowing Oliver to slip his tongue in between Marcus` teeth.
When the lack of air made them break the kiss, Oliver smiled down at Marcus; “So they were lying, where they?” he asked.
Marcus closed his eyes and shook his head, only to have his eyes almost pop out of his head when he felt Olivers hand on his hard cock.
Marcus hips bucked as Oliver started to move his hand slowly up and down the erection.
“Untie me, dammit” Marcus yelled, and tried to free his hands.
“No” Oliver smiled, running his warm hand over the slit of Marcus` erection making the other man cry out.
“Oh you like that?” Oliver asked in mock surprise an did it again, getting the same reaction from Marcus.
“Fuck…ngh…yes” was all he could manage.
Oliver let go of Marcus making the other man cry out in frustration. Oliver slid his thumps into the waistband of his boxers and moved them slowly down his legs, making Marcus moan even harder, at the sight of Olivers hard cock.
Oliver positioned himself over Marcus and took a deep breath; This was going to hurt, it being his first time.
He looked into Marcus eyes and whispered; “ Be gentle.”
Marcus smirked then panted; “ Not so frisky now, hmmm.”
Oliver glared at him for a moment then started to move on top of Marcus` erection, making Marcus move into his body. Oliver winced as Marcus slid in, and he tried to fit all of Marcus into his virgin body. Once Marcus was all the way Oliver sat still for a couple of moments getting used to the feeling.
“Does it hurt” Marcus whispered, seeing the pained look on Olivers face.
“I can handle it” Oliver choked, starting to move gently op and down Marcus` cock.
Marcus groaned at the sensation, and moved his hips in a sort of rhythm with Oliver.
Oliver moved his hands over Marcus` chest and pinched the other mans nipples between his fingers.
“Untie me, dammit” Marcus growled, “I need to touch you!”
“No” Oliver smiled, leaning down to kiss Marcus on the mouth.
After breaking the kiss Oliver moved his hands to his own erection, giving it the attention it needed so much.
Marcus was turned on even more by the sight op Oliver wanking himself, and moved his hips even harder into Olivers.
“Fuck, Oliver…” Marcus moaned, “I’m so close….” He moved his hips again and panted; “Come for me, Oliver, come for me.”
Oliver moved his hands even faster and cried out when he came all over Marcus` chest.
Two deep trusts later Marcus spilled himself inside Oliver and panted lost for words.
Oliver leaned into another kiss, and pulled of Marcus.
“Happy birthday, Marcus,” he said lying down beside Marcus.
“You know this is the first birthday present I have ever enjoyed”, Marcus said smiling at Oliver, “I could get use to this”
“Oh you will” Oliver said softly, and moved on top of Marcus.
“But what about your girlfriend?….Katie or what her name is” Marcus growled.
“You know what the problem by kissing Katie was?”, Oliver asked softly.
“That you discovered that you liked her?”, Marcus answered in an sort of hurt tone.
“That she was not you,” Oliver said, and pulled Marcus in for a soft kiss.
Marcus smiled against Olivers mouth…This was going to be so great…and for the rest of their life.
He had to remember to thank Adrian and Terry for the best present ever.
Then he remembered.
“Untie me, dammit” Marcus growled, “I need to touch you!”
Oliver smiled and moved his hands to the red ribbons.
“By the way” Oliver smirked as he untied Marcus` hands, “if you had paid more attention in classes you would have remembered that Flitwick told us to “Accio” and you could have gotten your wand and fried yourself from the ribbons.”
“I know,” Marcus said, “I’m not stupid you know.”
“Why did you not do it then?”
“Because it was SO much hotter and kinkier this way.”
Oliver groaned as he felt Marcus` hand move down between his legs.


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Feb. 23rd, 2007 12:13 am (UTC)

YA! I SO needed this after the long ass work day I had today!

“Because it was SO much hotter and kinkier this way.”
This is SO Marcus!

*hugs you*
Feb. 23rd, 2007 06:23 am (UTC)
Thanks hon!
SO glad you like - and SO glad I finished it. It have been bugging me a lot that I was stuck...
And yes - Marcus is a bit kinky insn`t he???
Feb. 23rd, 2007 11:51 am (UTC)
And yes - Marcus is a bit kinky insn`t he???

Yes, and we love him that way :)
Feb. 23rd, 2007 12:20 pm (UTC)
We sure do ;)
Feb. 23rd, 2007 05:13 am (UTC)
(Cracks a beer open) This is some gooooood shit.
Feb. 23rd, 2007 06:24 am (UTC)
Thanks hon!
Glad you enjoy it - so do I!!!
(Deleted comment)
Feb. 23rd, 2007 09:27 am (UTC)
As soon as I find out how to do it I will ;)
Hope you girl`s read it anyway - I`m rather proud of it!!
(Deleted comment)
Feb. 23rd, 2007 09:56 am (UTC)
Thanks, hon..
I`ll try it later...
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