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Where I live, we are having contractors working now. We are having our facades rebuild. Which means that I will have people in and out of my flat the next month!

On Friday, they will be here removing my radiator in the kitchen, then seven or eight days later, they will remove the windows in my kitchen, putting up plastic in its place. After that, when it suits them, they will put in windows that will need working on later. When they have time after that, they will put up the final frames on the windows, have someone paint the place under the window and put in a new radiator.

They started at Mums block, 3 weeks ago and are 2 weeks behind, Mum is going crazy. I hope that they are done there this week.

Therefore, I might be here a little less than I am now, as I will be sleeping over at Mums place when they are in my flat. As I know, they will be here Friday.

I don`t have the nerve to be at home with all the noise and people running in an out.

I will be on mums PC when I am not at home and on mine when I am home.


Thank you to all of you that helped me out the last few days.

It means the world to me, and brought me closer to paying my medication and extra bills....

Thank you to all of you.

I love you and I owe you my life♥


The lovely and kind haldoor

I hope you have a wonderful day, sweetheart.

- thank you so much for your help, darling ♥ Lots of Love -
However, I could really need some help.

As most of you know, I am on disability pension, due to the breast cancer I had.

The problem is this to make it short. I have had so many extra household bills and bills for extra medicine this month that I am screwed this month and the next.

Mum has helped me a lot, but she is on a pension too, and I can`t ask her for help.
If you can help me or share this, I will be more than grateful.

I am so sorry I have to do this,,, but when in need, turn to your friends, right.

I have a PayPal awbjoern@gmail(dot) com

Thank you for reading this…I love you all my friends.



so I got a text from her, giving me her number.

Today - after talking to BRO to make sure it was OK - I called her and asked her to come visit from Sunday - Tuesday.

She starts school again on Wednesday, so it suited her parents fine to have her stay here.

We texted about what to do - pancakes, DVD`s, our Train ride.
At one point I called to confirm it, and made a crying noise,
and Thea was :"Awweee Aunty, don`t cry, we will have such a great time, and we can make pancakes, and sandwiches for the train ride and have fun!"


I remember better than yesterday.

Mum calling, telling me that she could not wake up Dad, they were at the hospital and I was to take a taxi and get there now. I did and within 20 minutes, I was with Mum at the hospital.

Dad and me

Mum and I saw Dad on life supporting machines, respirator, everything. After a few minutes, we were called into the Doctors that told us that Dad had suffered a massive cerebral hemorrhage in the brain stem and would not wake up….EVER.

Mum broke, as she should, I put a shield around heart and soul, and got practical. First; getting Mum some meds for her diabetes and some food. Calling my BRO and Mum called SIS, getting them to the hospital within minutes. Spending the day at the hospital with Dad, making moves to protect Mum as much as I could even as Mum called an Aunt of mine to go be with my Grandmother, before we had to tell her that she had lost another son.

At 6 in the evening Mum, I, BRO, SIS, SIS then hubby, my Dads sister were with Dad as the Doctor shut of the respirator. Within the next 10 minutes, Dad passed away.

Every year Mum and I goes to the cemetery and exchange gifts; you know that Mum, Dad and I always bought gifts for each other every change we got, and Mum and I still do that. I have bought her a “Zootropolis” soft toy that she AAAWWEEDD over when we watched the movie.

She has bought me “Harry Potter and the cursed child” we collected the English version today.

Tomorrow, Mum, Crazy-Aunt, her boyfriend, and I will go to the cemetery, with flowers, rosemary and an Angel charm. Then we will have a meal, ham with potatoes, vegetables and asparagus sauce.


I´ve made these 15 little hats to sell at Pink Saturday.

What do you think?


Thank you for all your well wishes and sweet words. I am doing so much better now.
No bruises and hardly any swelling.

Thank you to those of you that read and commented on my last story.. Big hugs Sarah

Thea has joined the Pokemon Go, so my BRO have to drive around the region to collect the critters.

It now cost 3,5 Euro to send a postcard/letter outside Denmark, and I just cannot afford that with the hundreds of cards and letters I send every year.

So from now on; When you receive a card/letter from me, it will have a German stamp on it.
I can send a card/letter for 1 Euro from Germany. I´ve gotten in contact with a guy that sends his mail to a friend in Germany and have the friend post it there. He offered to help me with my mail.

I hope you will not mind that…

If you want a Danish stamp I can still put on on your card....

Saturday July 2nd, it was Mum and Dads 50th Anniversary Day, and the day that Thea arrived for her vacation at my place.

BRO arrived around 1.30am with Thea and then drowe us all to the cemetary - he did not come with us, but Mum, Thea and I went with roses and Rosemary for Dad.

The weater was bright, so we went down through "Kildeparken", and showed Thea the "Singing Trees". The trees are planted by a celebrity that preforms in "Aalborg hallen".

There are trees planted by Sir Cliff Richard, Barbara Hendricks, John Cleese, Shakin' Stevens, Status Quo, Bryan Adams, Charlie McCoy, Sissel Kyrkjebö, José Carreras and Dr. Hook among a lot of celebrities.

The link if you want to see the list..

Thea dancing at Backstreet Boys` tree

Wen we got home, Thea made pancakes and we watched "Zootropolis"

Sunday was a relaxing day. Thea and I went grocery shopping and invited Mum over for dinner.

Thea and Mum at dinner

Later, Thea was reading her IPad and I my Kindle.

Monday Thea and I went into Aalborg. Mum was supposed to come with us, but Sarah needed care so she went to Mums.

Thea and I went € shopping for our Bosnien family, then for the toy store for Thea to burn off her pocket money, her vacation money from Mum and me, and whatever she could get out of Aunty Annette ;)

We then went shopping for baby cloths for Bosnia, groceries, went to the pharmacy, and then home.

Tuesday was a relaxing day with Netflix and candy.

Thea composed a song for Stiles - my degu - named "psycho mouse is back" ;)

Wednesday we went grocery shopping for Bosnia and we went to Mums for dinner; Roast pork, red cabbage, potatoes and gravy. It was exellent.

This is what you look like, when you get a bunch of Auntys Harry Potter collection, for yourself

Thursday was the last day Thea stayed.

She went by Taxi for the first time in her life, as she and I went to deliver the two parcels we had made for Bosnia.
She charmed the cap driver and even more Bosnians Amin and his helper, they high fived her and smiled at her for the entire time we were there.

BRO picked her up after work, and everyting was so quiet after she left.....She had a great time, got all the attention she needed and was happy when she went home.

Sarah posted this today for you all to see:

Guess who is back, or on the way at least.
With two hooks and four rubber bands in my mouth, those dentists really are going for it.
However, it is easier to eat now, and I can drink without problems.
My face is still puffy, but not as bad as last week, and my nose is working properly now.
I wanted to let you all know that I am better and looking better, now my head is not the size of a beach ball.

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